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 From Jai and Yori, CMM Missionaries in India. Visit their web site at for more info and pictures.
Listen to for missions and worship.

Dear family of God,
   How are you all? May the Lord keep you all with sound health and use you for the extension of His kingdom. Our prayers are with you.
     Please, I want to share with you a couple of things in this weekend:
  First thing is  that our LLM Gospel Team is going to come back from the jungle ministry after one week of mobile ministry among tribals. This evening the team is going to reach at home. We are looking forward to hear their testimonies and reports how God has used them.
   Secondly, today, I took Raju for blood test. The report says that it is typhoid. He is very sick now. Now Raju has been taking anti-biotic injections and pills and saline bottles.
   I am serving him. Because he is an orphan boy. He does not have anybody. His relatives rejected him when he was a tiny boy.
    By God's grace and your prayers and support, LLM Home has raised him nicely up in the Lord. Now, he is a good gospel singer. He is studying 10th standard now.
   Please uphold brother Raju as one of your sons or brothers in your prayers.
    If any body helps his medical bills,please stand with the medical bills. He has to take his course another 6 days.
                     Thank you so much
         our prayers are with you. God bless you. Hope to hear from you.
             in His field,

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