Taking Children Off The Streets of India And On To The Highway To Heaven

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Please pray and fast one day each month for our CMM missionaries


    When are you planning to visit India, especially our LLM family? I just want to hear from you. We have been praying for you and your trip to India.
    God has been so faithful for past whole week in spite of many oppositions and financial struggles. Every day, we face many challenges. But God has been enabling us to move forward. Praise God for the two wings of FAITH AND PRAYER.
    You are planing a vital role in this ministry. You are a great blessing for us and the work of God. May God bless you and use more and more. Our prayers are with you.
         1.  Reaching street children: (by brother JOhn Peter and sister Santhi)
   One of our LLM co-workers namely brother John Peter(now he is doing B.Th.) collected some street childen and taught them some gospel chorus and teach them Bible stories for past three days. Sister Santhi (LLM youth member) helped for the children ministry.
        2.   Opened door for Hindu community and soul winning:
    God has opend to a door in order to reach the community called "Kaapu"(Hindus) through an open air gospel meeting. 
   As a result of the gospel meeting, one young boy namely "Naidappa"(hindu name) gave his life and got water baptism. There was no water for conducting the Baptism due to summer season. We had go 4 miles of walk all through the mud fields. Some how we did find some water in a canal and gave the water Baptism to the brother. Now I changed his name as David. Praise God!!!
      3. Our LLM orphanage boys' outing:
            Our LLM orphanage boys want to go for outing (to the seashore)on Monday(24th of May). Now, their summer holidays are going to be over by 3rd of June. So, they are so excited to go to the beach and have some fun. At the same they want to carry some gospel booklets to distribute some hindu people there at the beach besides their fun-time.
       Thank you so much for all your prayers and support. Without you, your prayers and support, this ministry will be so hard to run forward.
        PLease continue to pray for the family of LLM and support the work of God here in India.
                       IN HIS Field,
                      JAI&YORI  and all LLM family,India.
urgent needs:
          1. Please do pray for some urgent funds for the orphanage children outing on Monday. They need a proper transporation. We have hire a taxi and go for 100 miles. At least $150 for their food&drink, transportation, and accomadation.
          2. PLEASE DO PRAY FOR THE CHURCH BUILDING PROJECT. We are planning to start the work on 30th of May. At least we are in need of $2,500 for filling the 100 trucks of mud over this land, some bags of cement, sand and bricks.
    We do not have a proper place to worship the Lord without any fear and opposition. Please kindly we urge you humbly to pray and support for this Church building project.
    I do not want to be a burden by sharing this request. Please I request you to pray first and support the building of the Church as the Spirit of God leads you.   This is very greatest need for worship services.
   I pray that  you feel the burden and passion that I have now for the building of the temple of God among hindu dominated area.Thank you so much for all your help. Looking forward to hear from you as soon as possible. God bless you.

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