Vanuatu Amazing Love Arising and Washing Over-Miracles-Love Breaking Out by Terri Morrow, CMM Revivalist

 Vanuatu, S. Pacific Island Nation, Receiving the Father's Love.

  by Terri Morrow, CMM Revivalist/Missionary

My dear amazing family,

I arrived back in the U.S. on the 14th of March with great stories of God's faithfulness and favor, the truth of the Gospel, and the love of a Father. Not only am I thankful for what He has done, I am stretching toward more of the same, with greater expectation of things to come. The details are many, so I will relate them
as I recall them, not necessarily in order. I was blessed with a very strong ministry partner, Celest Holloman, who was faithful to journal every day.

The day after our arrival we discovered that all of Vanuatu was under a Tsunami warning and that people were fleeing to higher ground. We had not met the pastor whose church I was to preach in because of the warning, so we attended a Presbyterian church just up the road from our Port Vila hotel.

The next day we flew to Tanna, although we had tickets for a Tongoa flight, which to our surprise, had been cancelled due to a wet runway. The Lord was gracious, and we made the flight, scurrying across the runway with not a minute to spare! On way to our first stay, we stopped and prayed at a roadside market and witnessed healings; three I think.

Our arrival at Chief Jack's place was a welcome one, and he soon showed us the place where he is building a church on what used to be purely pagan property! You may remember the account of leading him to Jesus, and the young man who received a miracle in his village. This same young man is being sent to a bible college, so he can pastor the church in Chief Jack's village! At different times during our stay with him, he would bring people for healing.

One day we headed to the John Frum Cult Headquarters. I had made the trip on my previous journey and was looking forward to meeting with Isaac Wan, the leader of this famous cult. I had with me 6 solar bibles in the Tanna language, one of which, I planned to give him as a gift. Celest and I waited as Morris, my dear and much loved son, went to get permission for us to enter the compound. We were granted access again. This time were not strangers and greeted each other warmly. After some discussion, which mostly I did not understand, the chief began to recall how white missionaries had mistreated his great-great grand-father, and had him thrown in prison for 17 years.(which of course made him a cult hero). It seems he had created a problem when , after becoming tired of all the rules, and crushing of the culture of the islanders, he caused an uprising. The people were very hurt and angry, particularly
it seems, his family line. I asked the chief if any white missionary had ever apologized for the mistreatment of his great-great grandfather. When he replied that it had never happened, I knelt before him and apologized on behalf of all whites and missionaries who had mistreated his family. I made it very clear that I was NOT apologizing for the
preaching of the Gospel, but for the mistreatment they had suffered. It seemed it made a great impact on him and all of the other men in the meeting area we were in. Word spread very quickly of this event. At the close of our time, he told me I was welcome in this place anytime, which is a HUGE miracle. I left him with a solar bible, which now will be releasing the New Testament in their language, audibly, into the atmosphere of that cult HQ. Light IS piercing the darkness! Glory to God!!

We later flew to Aniwa Island. This place has been declared a disaster by the Red-Cross, because the lack of rain has destroyed all of the root crops. The people are eating mangos and bananas, and fishing. Bathing is in the ocean in order to save water. We took our water with us by plane. While there we purchased 520 lbs. of rice
and some biscuits for widows, and the poorest among them. This was a result of generous giving from our home church, Faith Family Church, and the donations of others in the Body of Christ. While there I preached every day and taught daily, save one. The power built among the 3 nights of preaching and on the last night, the glory of the Lord was sustained, with much weeping and great rejoicing! We have a church plant there. The pastor is out of the John Frum Cult, and his wife is the daughter of Isaac Wan, the above mentioned chief! They are leading other John Frums to Jesus!

We also were treated as royalty while on Tanna by a young man named Joseph and his chief. A whole area was built for our stay, including a brand new out-house! This young man worked day and night for days trying to prepare for us.From the very first trip, he had heard of the movings of God and wanted us to come stay with him and dedicate his land. We did do that. We as well were informed that his kitchen was burned to the ground while we were there, by a family that was angry with him. Walk on Water Ministries was able to repurchase all the supplies need to start a village
kitchen. The young man and his mother was touched by the great hand of God.

On this trip, my very first hearts desire, concerning Vanuatu, was realized. We were granted access to the Yakel tribe; a group of custom villagers who have not changed in hundreds of years, still refusing to wear clothing, or use the materials of a more modern society. What joy! What joy! What joy! I was able to sit face to face, side by side with the chief and present him with a solar bible, in his language! He was smiling beautifully as he heard the Word read from it.

I was allowed to share with them Jesus, and Him crucified. We were interrupted when a group of tourist came to see traditional dancing. I had just been asked if I knew what happened to a man after he died?! I was able to tell them yes, because I had been in heaven to see a child of mine. Their eyes lit, and their interest was huge, but alas, the tourists came in. At one point, one of the elders of the tribe told me he loved me, because I came with respect, only wanting to pray for them and give to them. I will NEVER forget those words! As we walked from the village, I found a place and fell on my knees in gratitude, that the God of all creation had granted this access, and that I was able to reach this beautiful part of his bride, the Yakel.

There are many, many of these events to tell. It never stopped for one day. I preached everyday, except one, I think. It was an extra-ordinary mission. We walked hours and miles, day after day. The day we reached the John Frun cult was
about a 7 hr. walking journey, in blazing sun with no jungle covering in large areas, across the volcanic ash plain. I had my first taste of roasted bat, which wasn't too bad. Guess what it tasted like? Yep. Chicken. A toddler that couldn't walk,
now can. A broken hand is healed. Deaf ears are open. Demons have been cast out. Events of this sort were evident in most every place we went. I think it would be nearly impossible to recall each event of healing or moving of God.

If I have shared this already, please forgive me. I cannot pass up the opportunity to tell of one of the greatest miracles in my life. You may remember, I met a guide on my first trip, who is now ordained into W.O.W. Ministries. This young man, Morris Asen, is a son from the Lord. In 1978 I had an abortion. I always knew it was a boy. And though I had received forgiveness for the sin, I of course, never forgot it. On my second or third trip he was again accompanying me. As we were about to part, I began weeping, not even understanding what was happening. It felt like my heart was tearing. I told him I felt like he was my son. From that day on, he has called me Mama, and many Ni-Vans know me as Morris' mother. God has given me back my son! When I look at him, I want to fold him up and rock him in a rocking chair. I watched him swim
in the ocean, from a far distance, and again wept at the goodness of God. It was like watching my little boy. Only God can do such things. But you know what? It would not have happened had I not obeyed when He said,"Go". It was not easy to go alone, not knowing where I would land and what would be the outcome. All I knew was that I was to obey. Now look at the out-come; I have been given favor with a people group, and groups within the group that have been resistant to the gospel for years upon years, the Custom religion, for centuries. And if that was not enough, the Lord gave me a son, whom I love as my own flesh. The rewards of obedience are immeasurable! If it is hard, do it anyway! If you are scared, do it anyway!

If you are persecuted, and you will be, do it anyway! If you have never seen it done, do it anyway! Get the will of God and do it! What in the world are you waiting for?

Go ahead. Get out of the boat. The water is great!

Still and Always His,

Terri Morrow


I am sure this letter does not contain all that I would like, but as many of you understand, I am a little sideways due to travel time and time changes. We were on 12 planes, coming and going, and my thinking is nowhere near as sharp as

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