Explosion on TBN Nicaragua, Word Becomes Flesh, Danger, and Miracles

Beholding Miracles Nationwide!

     An unexpected invitation to speak on the weekly live national broadcast of TBN's service on Friday morning turned into a visitation of the Holy Spirit where hundreds were overcome by the power and presence of God viewed throughout Nicaragua and other places.  The studio was packed out and many pastors were there also.  It was an explosion!  I was very happy to be able to teach and demonstrate clearly the gospel of the kingdom and announce the heavens everyone is crying out to open to already be open since the days of Jesus Christ!  While sharing it began to shift the prophetic tomorrow into today and healings began breaking out all over the room and dozens stood only to be blown down by the power of God, right on national TV.  To be able also to proclaim the prophetic word over NIcaragua and also prophesy over TBN released tremendous awareness of destiny each time.  One woman came 12 hours looking for a miracle.  She had stomach disease and unable to walk normally for 4 years and was healed, testifying and walking normally viewed by thousands.  An elderly pastor with a cane to help him move was healed and walked back and forth on the platform testifying of being completely healed.  Another elderly man also unable to walk without a cane, dropped it and walked on the platform being healed and many, many were touched and healed and encountering God all morning, it was wonderful.

This was aired live and is being shown throughout the week on TBN
and next week my son Jedidiah will have this service along with other TBN shows with the youth of the nation and others.
    The word is to become flesh and not just be taught but be manifested through the lives of the believers!!  Yesterday we did a seminar in Managua also in the church we preached Friday night.  I shared and God came as I did and this is the normal experience for the house of God, the church, the gate of heaven, the place where God is.  Many were touched by God and then Jed taught on the house of God from Genesis 28 leading into the revelation that each believer is a house of God and the gateway of heaven and shared how the world should say as Jacob did when they behold us, "how awesome is this place", being stunned by the reality of God as we carry His presence and power.  Then he followed up by sharing how the body of Christ, each believer and all believers globally are the gateway to heaven and heaven to earth.  Then we did something one pastor said he had never seen in Nicaragua.  We had purchased food for hundreds and there was plenty to be left over as the people made much more.  We told the people that before they ate, we would all go out to the streets and bless people with meals, heal the sick and demonstrate what they had learned.  The pastors had to take teams of 10 at least and that is exactly what we did.  The word became flesh!  The testimonies came back through excited believers and weeping pastors.  People were saved all over.  One was about to kill himself, others were drunk and said that they would sober up and come to church and get saved.  Others were in all kinds of difficult situations and wept after prayer, visibly touched by God and coming to Jesus right there.  My group saw 3 or 4 saved, touched by God in the streets and the last place we went was a home right across from the church.  A woman was in a chair unable to walk, her knees swollen and had been that way for awhile with that condition.  We announced the kingdom and Nicaraguans were doing all of this for the first time.  We all prayed and His presence began to descend and we helped her to her feet.  She was unable to stand without help but then we had her take a step, then another.  Then she began walking right there in the house and was healed!  Not in a crusade but in a house.  She got saved and the other woman in the house got saved!  This is what it means to be transformed by the renewing of your mind and proving the will of God which is on earth as it is in heaven!!  There were more testimonies streaming in as we were leaving!  Then everyone happily ate their meals!!
 The seminar and the crusade that evening nearby were held in one of the most dangerous areas of all of Nicaragua.  Listen to this!  After the service on Friday night a man had been sent to kill the pastor. The pastor told me yesterday in a relaxed way as if these things happen all the time.  When the man came near him, he felt fire all over him and told the pastor what he intended to do but ended up giving his life to Jesus Christ instead!  At the seminar in the morning a witch was in the meeting!  I did not know this until late last night after the crusade.  It seems that every time I came near her, she began moving away from me, I honestly could not remember this, as I am always moving around when I speak.  Anyway, she finally left the building say, "this man has the Holy Spirit".  It was a testimony to the people there I guess but why should Christians be intimidated by darkness as we have someone bigger in us than all the world outside of us!
 The crusade was marvellous!! I love getting a chance to be an evangelist sometimes and just preach Jesus Christ.  I had a team of NIcaraguans right there beside me and after a short message send women out to those standing around the meeting and God came upon other women watching right on the spot.  People were saved, overcome by His presence as the Nicaraguans prayed for them and the sick. A woman testified of tumors on her breasts disappearing, pain gone and healed.  Another man had a protruding tumor on his spine and it dissolved and he was doing all kinds of exercises in front of the crowd showing how healed he was, crying the whole time.  An elderly man who could not walk without a cane was healed and waving the cane walked in shock back and forth for a long time in front of the crowd, just enjoying his newfound ability to walk!  A man who was attacked by a gang and his arm was smashed by a metal pipe wanted to be able to clap his hands and praise God but could not.  He was healed and clapped his hands with joy!  Another woman had an inflammation of her stomach that caused it to be bulging out and it shrank back to normal, she was healed.  One woman could not move her right let and was healed, others testified of pain leaving and spines and backs healed and we did not have time for all the others but Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever, isn't he!!!
It was a great day in the kingdom and it has been an incredible 11 days so far!  You have read this and all the wonderful things God has done!  Chicigalpa, Chinandega, Dario, Corinto, Leon, El Viejo, Managua etc.  Two crusades, TBN, TV in Dario, Seminars in El Viejo and Managua, feedings, the Dario Dump, Crusades and we are so privileged to be a part of what God is doing around the world!!
We have been able to fund this entire trip through those who respond because they love and care enough to do so. That is all the crusades, transportation, housing and feeding of those that come with us, the feeding all who attended the seminars we have had and then feeding over 100 other people resulting in salvation and miracles.  Each meal cost a dollar!  Today we have a meeting in a new church somewhere in Managua then off to Dario for 3 days to feed hundreds in the Dario dump and minister tomorrow.  I do not hold back from committing to do more, give more and bless more by looking at what I do not have at the moment.  Faith works by love and love believes and stretches to touch mankind.  We thank those of you who have come alongside of us and made this possible. 
May the hundreds that read these wonderful reports rise up to co-labor with our beautiful God and help us to continue moving forward today and the coming week, bless you all!!
                                                            earl in Nicaragua
Earl and Jana Thurner
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