Our God is faithful...From Jai in India--Send them your prayer requests



Please pray also for Tracy S. in Alabama, one of our key intercessors and a mighty woman of God. She is undergoing some heavy duty medical procedures and is having radioactive fluids injected this week and must be in isolation for several days to avoid contaminating anyone. She is a wonderful mother and wife and needs strong prayers right to the Throneroom. Pray her thyroid will not be damaged by this testing.

Jorge and Anna Marie

Dear family of God,
    It is a great miracle today from God through Dr.Jorge and CMM family for LLM orphanage provision.As you all know about the LLM orphanage financial challenges, even for daily bread. Praise God for Dr.Jorge and CMM family who could send some funds for the orphanage to buy some food.
       God is so amazing and faithful God.
      We are so thankful to you for all your prayers and standing with us.
      And also I thank God for the tough time for food in the orphanage, which enabled us to grow in prayer-life and trusting more in God. Praise God for Dr.Jorge and CMM family.
      If you have any prayer requests, please send us. LLM co-workers's wholnight fasting and prayer is going to be held on 27th of Jan. We want to intercede for all our friends and LLM ministry needs.
         On 26th, Jan. thousands of our people of all kinds(political,hindu religious and atheists) are going to have some rally in the town called 'Tadepalligudem'(which is our home town).
     This ia another opportunity to reach out all kinds of people by displaying some  the Bible verses(love, salvation, and the kingdom of heaven) on the banners.
     I am thinking to make involve all our co-workers and orphanage children on this day with all kinds of people and display God's word for them.
     This is a kind of prayer walk silently among those people.
      Please do pray for this special ministry among these unreached thousands of lost souls.
      We need your prayer support.
      Please do pray that some lost souls will be found for the kingdom of God. And also pray that there will not be any attacks from anti-christian foreces as we do this prayer march on 26th.
         LLM uses every opportunity to reach out lost world.
          LLM can not able to reach whole world, but diffinetly can reach and win some lost souls for the kingdom of God.
               Please kindly stand with me and my vision as we reaching the lost souls here in India. And kindly share some of my burden through your prayer and financial support, which will enable us to move forward to win the lost.
               Thank you so much for everything that you do for the extension of His kingdom.
                                   Our daily prayers are with you. Hope to hear from you.
                                                 In His field,
Note: Yori's delievery time is coming closer. Please continue to pray for safe and normal delievery and healthy baby boy. Thank you so much.

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