Thousands Upon Thousands Touched In Haiti

Disasters can bring out the worst in us and the best in us. Thank God for the hearts of many from around the world in the last month since the Haiti earthquake.  Hundreds of organizations and thousands of Americans continue to lead the way in offering disaster relief.

We are thankful for the $15,000. generator in place at Vincent's school and the new, used truck for Vincent. 100% of funds goes to earthquake victims. Through great compassion poured out we can not even calculate how much. However, estimates have been revised to over $500,000. in food, medicines, materials, tents, rope, tarps, has been dropped off at Vincent's. By God's grace 1,000-2,000 people have been fed every day for a month. Something like 35,000 to 50,000 meals have been served. If you gave through MorningStar, CMM, The Order of St. John,  or another organization helping Haiti, know that thousands and thousands of lives have been touched and many saved too, by your love. Victor wrote me today that it may be over 100,000 people. Each is precious in the eyes of God and us too. Thank you for sharing. Over half of the people who have been there through MorningStar/CMM are making plans to return a second time. This is God's army rising up and putting action to their faith, love being released.

(We are still in Phase 1 responders-medically licensed or disaster trained and certified, being recommended at this time, due to security issues. Two high level security experts will be giving us their assessment this coming week.)

A Doctor was telling people a few weeks ago that "the intel he was getting from MorningStar/CMM missionaries on the ground in Haiti was better than the US government."  We do not pretend to offer any where near the level of expertise of information our government offers We just know we can trust our friends around the world. Whether by voice, text, and email, our embedded missionaries are faithful to share their hearts and experiences.  God's fulfillment of the Great Commission involves adventurous warriors going to the ends of the earth to reach one more soul. On the way to that end, deep relationships are made as hearts become as one. Networks and strategic alliances are made that include a strong and intentional desire to share all God shows us, equipping the saints, helping the hurting and hopeless and discipling the nations. With CMM's many native pastors and missionaries, teachers, etc. in many nations around the world, already embedded, the work of the warriors will go forward in a rapidly advancing rate. We were made for such a time as this. We are Psalm 91. In vs. 7 we read, "A thousand shall fall at my side, and ten thousand at my right hand; it shall not come near me."  I see a global army. It will get bloody, but the glory of our living God overshadows all these temporary light afflictions.

Focused hunger for God and His purposes impel us to 'risk it all', knowing 'all things are new, old things are passed away'.  As God releases His dreams and visions into our dreams and visions we cling to the solid 'band of brothers' kindred family here and abroad who fit into the 'misfits' category as shared recently by Gen. Jerry Boykin (ret.) one of the founders of the Delta Force.  When asked what type of soldiers made the best Delta Force members, he answered, and I paraphrase, "those who did not seem to fit in with the regular troops." Just like David's mighty men of valor, we see many who are hungry for God who did not fit into the main stream of churches and many of those doing great good and benefiting the Body immeasurably and in their own unique way Heaven is a big place and I believe we are all in for a big surprise because of who God is. Some of God's Delta Force are just so left/right brained they are misunderstood, so creative they think 'normal' is insanity, or they have been hurt by churches, betrayed, cut off by families and friends, and a host of other reasons.

Many of our CMM/MorningStar missionaries have also been hurt, abused, stymied, unwelcome, or not 'fit' the general mold of other organizations' expectations, standards, or styles. Again, there are many fine organizations and denominations doing their part in fulfilling the Great Commission. Just like Jesus' 'rag tag' bunch of disciples, God's army may look like chaos but when the Holy Spirit helps us in every area of completion of our destinies and callings unite, a peace comes to the storm and something supernatural takes place at a sub-atomic, hyper-energized, level and an inexplicable chemical reaction occurs and miracles happen. We do not try and explain it. We just are ever thankful for our Poppa God making it happen His way. Heaven suffers violence and violent take it by force, whether it be in intercession, worship, missions, disaster relief, education, or any of the Seven Mountains. Theocracy does not require democracy, just the few, the humble, the obedient united for the Kingdom through the ministry of reconciliation and restoration.

Our missionaries in Haiti and the Dominican Republic all come from the 'misfit' class. Maybe that is why our Doctor friend said we had better intel than the CIA. These dedicated servants all have been abandoned, shipwrecked, overlooked, or abused. (CMM had welcomed these warriors in over the last 10 years as we strive prophetically to see in others what God sees in them). But, in this time of crisis of Biblical proportions they rallied together selflessly to lead the way in helping the injured, those who lost loved ones, moving dead bodies, locating family members, and doing what comes instinctively when disastrous circumstances are thrust upon you. Who is ready for that level of crisis? Come with us and we will show you the future.

Rick Joyner, founder of MorningStar Ministries, and now on the CMM board, often speaks of the restoration process spoken of in Gal. 6:1. This heart of restoration of the warriors is the pulse of God. The wounds, rejection, the very scars of life are often the area the Lord gives us healing powers and mercies authority in to flow through us and minister to others. This life is training for reigning with the Captain of the hosts of the army.

Pastor Vincent, an orphan himself, now caring for orphans, told me in late January before the first Pastor's Conference held after the quake, that he "must tell our leaders to be strong even when they don't feel like it". 300 were expected and 500 total showed up.  All of our team members from the US have told me what a saint and general in God's army is Pastor Vincent. Victor Rodriguez, from the Dominican Republic, has been a close friend of Vincent's for many years and both and Vincent have worked together in many areas from conferences, to hosting teams, to prior disaster relief from hurricanes, such as 2008's four hurricanes in Haiti.

Pastor Veronica Freites, of Palmera de Ocoa, DR is a native Dominican who lived in the US and once her children were grown, answered the call to return to her native land as gifted evangelist, worship leader, preacher, and teacher. She has hosted many teams in DR such as midwives, medical teams, short term mission teams of all kinds, has planted several Hispanic churches and two Haitian churches. She is loved by many for her bold faith, love for all people, and passion for the lost.

Pastors Jose and Jacqueline Javier, live in Santo Domingo, DR, and they have helped in picking up our team workers and having them stay in their home. They pastor a church planted by Veronica in an inner city area of Santo Domingo, DR, across the street from a government posted sign labeling a poverty stricken area, "The devil's Sewer."  One time when Anna Marie were there an 8 year old girl came forward for prayer for her grandmother, who has been bitten by a rat, then passed away two days later from the infection. 10,000 people live along a creek bed with sewage flowing through it. Ramshackle scraps make homes for these people who said no other churches would dare come into their midst. There are many hearts waiting to be touched with that precious Love, called Jesus. Jose and Jacqueline could not have children, until they asked Anna Marie and I to pray for them, believing God is able. They have a child now, thank God.

So what will the end times look like? Many believe we have not seen anything yet.  God is linking, building, strengthening, and waking us up.  If the joy of the Lord is our strength, then we need to get much stronger.  The Lord spoke to me just ten days or so after the earthquake that what He was doing in the 'Breakout' or 'New Move' at MorningStar, He would do in Haiti. As I have been helping with our efforts in Haiti, the Lord has been revealing to many of us visions of The New Haiti, founded on a love of the truth and righteousness prevailing.  This is an amazing opportunity for the Body of Christ world wide to shape the future of Haiti. No one wants to see the past repeated in Haiti. We thank God for the reports of witch doctors and their children on their knees the day of the quake and since then. Lord, we know there are many angels dancing in Heaven over the multitudes in Haiti coming to know you Jesus. Will there be fathers in the faith for these beautiful people?  Will you go or send someone who can? Soon, we will be sending resources and materials for discipleship and firm foundations to our brethren hungry for knowing God in fullness and power.

Lord, give your people clarity. Holy Spirit, help us be a part in building The New Haiti, according to your will Lord, in Jesus' name.

We have a Haiti relief Mission Statement that keeps us focused on how to seek eternal change in Haiti through our friend and missionary, Pastor Astrel Vincent, and his 300 or so pastors. (If you would like to see this email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

Jorge Parrott, Missions Director

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