John Ebenezer-75 Year Old Fireball in India Reaching Thousands

 *Editor's Note: John has been a friend of CMM for ten years. We love how John takes the 'untouchables' of India and gives them Jesus, teaches them to read, to share the word, and evangelize the rural tribal villages in Andhra Pradesh. He has over 450 pastors and thousands of church members. Three years ago, we sent a medical team there and the Drs. saw thousands and thousands of people in one week and the lead Dr. (Rob Kessinger, a dear friend of ours and MorningStar) said that of the many trips their teams had gone on, that visiting John Ebenezer was the most organized and the most people the doctors had ever been on or served.  Pray for John and he will tell you there are many more to reach, many more wells drill($850.00), more churches to build($10,000), and more orphans to care for ($30.00).

Saturday, Feb. 6, 2010 9:24 am
Hyderabad, India

John Ebenezer is an amazing man. For someone being 75, he is a non-stop "pastor of pastors". Building churches (naturally and spiritually), travelling the nations to share his vision, raising funds to bring the Gospel to more Hindus in his native land of India, and raising up strong believers - he keeps going "on and on and on."

Born in a grass covered hut, near Mucherla where the pastors' conference was held, he has continued the work begun by his grandfather and father. He has a big heart to shepherd the flock and train up men and women to also carry on the work.

Every weekend when he is in Hyderabad, he drives the ten hour roundtrip to Mucherla for three days of further training. When he is gone, he has two pastors walking in his steps.

In previous e-mails I said little, if any, about the ever present poverty here. Most of the pastors that came to the four day conference are rising above it, but John still needed to cover their transportation, food and lodging out of his funds.

For Edgar and I too, he was consistently asking if "our needs" were met in food, drink and more. He insisted on taking our laundry more than once, to have fresh clothing (even though I always pack for the days gone from home.)

All throughout this week with him, he wouldn't allow us to carry OUR bags. He did. Isn't that something. One would expect, and some even demand, that the younger would always serve the older in many church relationships. This man continues to show the Lord's heart of service, teaching those he continues to pastor, as a good example of how Jesus did it. May it be so with me 20 years from now.

On more than one occasion he expressed his great appreciation for us coming. I said back to John, "This is a lifelong dream for me. Thank you for being part of the Lord's plan in seeing it happen."

He also spoke on at least three times of his recent trip to the USA last September, and specifically of the most gracious hospitality of MorningStar, with Rick and Julie Joyner having him stay free of charge for two weeks at Heritage during the HarvestFest conference. The two pairs of shoes that Julie gave him came at the right time. He is very grateful for her gifts. 

My heart in coming was to bless John and the people. The Lord gave me that opportunity to do so. But I truly couldn't out give John!

For example, at the airport when he picked us up last Sunday at 4 a.m., he had fresh flower garlands hung around Edgar and my necks. The first full day here in India he took me to a taylor, and had me fitted with a burgundy knee length suit jacket (the kind that Benny Hinn wears, he said.)

Every succeeding day we were shown much honor with public expressions of material gifts and more. And all through this he was showing his flock how to honor the Lord and those who bring them His love and goodness. 

Above all he teaches them the Word, and especially the Lord's love for Israel. He is blessed and is a blessing.

John Ebenezer is a mighty man of God. He is a refreshing example of a life given for the Lord's purposes in the earth. Thank you Lord for your servant John.


Steve Martin

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