Jai and Yori Youth Meeting... India church building update... pictures


Dr.Jorge and CMM family,
   Peace be with you!
  How are you? May God bless you.
  We are happy to share with you that God has spoken to me to conduct  a YOUTH MEETING for all High School students, and college students in the month of March on 8th.
    I have shared this with Yori and all our believers to pray for this Youth Meeting yesterday (Sunday). Every body has peace in their heart for this Youth Meeting.
   On 8th of March we are going to conduct this youth meeting.
  We are planning to reach only non-christian young people. It is very challengeble to reach them. "But it is my strength nor my power but THE SPIRIT" says the Lord.
   I believe God will bring the people whom he wants to bring and provide the funds for the meeting.
   Please uphold this special Youth Meeting in your prayers, which is going to be held on 8th of March by faith and prayer.
       And also please do pray for the CHURCH BUILDING SHELTER TO WORSHIP THE LORD.  By God's grace, some how we are able to make the pillars to the roof level. Now the work has been stopped due to no funds now. We are in desperate need of roof/shelter to worship the Lord. It is very sad to see the God's temple is being stopped without any roof now.
  We are very much challenged among the anti-Christian community and Hindu people. I don't want to see the God's temple to be half-done.
   Please do pray and support as the Lord leads you. We want to finish this roof by end of this month(Feb). We don't have any roof/room to worhip the Lord.
          Thank you so much for standing with us.
                May the Lord bless you as you standing with the God's work.
                      Looking forward to hear from you,
Note: please see the Church building project and jungle tribal ministry pictures. Thanks.

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