God Is Pouring Out His Amazing Love--Do You Want Some?


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God Is Pouring Out His Amazing Love--Do You Want Some?
Earl Thurner and Torea Manjard
Oct 12, 2008

Earl Thurner is a friend of God. He has been sent to Nicaragua to foster an atmosphere of spiritual change, transformation, and a real love invasion. Earl was introduced to us through our dear CMM missionaries in Tahiti, Edualdo and Aline Cicero and Torea and Teresa Manjard.

We have two report here:
1. a report from Torea in Tahiti of how God used him 'on the job' to bring healing to a hurting woman.
2. an update from Earl of recent breakthroughs in Nicaragua. A large event with anticipated crowds of 50,000 is being arranged in Nicaragua in Dec. If you have an interest in going to be part of what God is doing, contact the CMM office at cmmarmy@gmail.com or call 704-225-3927.

1. Torea:
1. Her name was Carmen, and she had called the office out of curiosity about a product our company sells. I was the one entitled to meet her at her home to give her the necessary informations. As I got to her door, I was surprised to be greeted by a lady wearing thin socks covering half of her legs and walking painfully with 2 crutches. This was quite an obvious God set up for a miracle to happen.

As we were reaching the end of our appointment, I was still wondering about a way to get to lay my hands on her and pray without causing any trouble as we were meeting in a professional purpose. Finding no solution, I just decided to risk it all and ask her if I could pray for her anyways. My request was met with a long silence as her eyes began to fill with tears.

She was born with a deformity in her feet that forced her to walk on her toes 24/7. Now after 40 some years of walking that way, her feet were so injured she had to have surgery and have metal bolts placed in them to stop any side movements, which according to the doctor could completely destroy her feet. I began to tell her about the love of God and how He wanted her to experience this love tangibly.

Before I could reach her feet to pray, she began screaming with a loud voice : '' AHHHH, DO YOU FEEL THIS!!! DO YOU FEEL THIS!!?? ". Sensing that God was obviously doing something I asked her to explain to me what she was feeling, to which she answered : " HEAT, FIRE IS COURSING ALL THROUGH MY BODY AND SHOOTING TO MY FINGERTIPS AND MY BACK !! ". At that point we could read joy all over her face. She couldn't explain what was happening but she was simply happy. I then asked her to do something she couldn't do with her feet before. To that she began moving her feet back and forth and finally said : '' LOOK, I CAN MOVE IT !! '' .

We serve a great God and He loves us like crazy. I then felt a stirring from the Holy Spirit to keep going, so I proceeded to tap into the revelatory realm of God and began speaking words of destiny over her life as tears began to build up in her eyes again. Words of knowledge then began to flow about a member of her family who was dealing with cancer to which she nodded with shock as the doctors had found a lump in her son in law's mother's breast just a few days earlier. We then proclaimed her healing out loud. This lady is now serving in the youth department of her church where she is doing what she always had in her heart : counseling and helping young people.

As Bill Johnson says : '' Just another day in the kingdom ''. What a wonderful God, and what a wonderful kingdom. To be continued.................

2. Earl Thurner
We are to declare His works!!
     Last night the three pastors of King of Kings along with some of our students went to a church we had visited in July when Jana was here.  I had just been so touched by God when a man had visited Pastor Harry and I in the Senda offices.  This story is so filled with the power of grace to literally transform a man under 2 years of guilt over agreeing with his wife to abort a one month old baby along with other issues.  To see the release of heaven in his life and we blessed him financially also, just electrified my soul.
     At the service after I ministered a bit, I turned the service over to Pastor Harry who also oversees our school of supernatural ministry when we are not in Nicaragua.  He had gone to El Salvador and saw tremendous outbreak of God´s healing love.  He is still getting testimonies weeks later and that is what we saw last night.  This is amazing!  I am not going to share what He did last night, but He just came to the church and we did not have time for last nights testimonies but we did hear these.
     A woman who we prayed for who was unable to have a baby was prayed for in July.  While we praying for the sick last night she came up to testify that the miracle took place.  She was pregnant but there was no movement in her womb and she had this sense that something was wrong.  While I was preaching last night the presence of God just descended on her and she started feeling the baby move in her womb, just felt a lot of activity which is interesting as it is only 3 plus months along but she knew the child was alive!!  She was just so overjoyed!
     As soon as she was done, another woman got up and said that in July she came for prayer but not for herself but her husband who was at work and in severe pain constantly because of an inflammation in his body in stomach and back area.  So we prayed and he was at work, she was in the church, and at that moment he was completely healed while he was working!  He was in the service last night and I asked him if it was true and he said yes, that as he was working all the pain left his body and he has not had it since!
     Then the husband of the woman pastor came to the pulpit.  In that service in July, he was in the house and not in the service.  The house is built to have a large meeting place for church and he was in the bedroom.  He said he was listening to me speak and heard me say to put your hands on the area where you need healing, and I never even remembered saying that by the way.  He was in severe pain and could not move and had a large tumor in his stomach.
     So he lay flat, put his hand on his stomach and believed God to touch him.  The next morning most of the pain was gone.  The day after that, all the pain was gone and the tumor had shrunk to very small!
He was scheduled for surgery 2 days later and went anyway and watched the doctors freak out because the tumor was gone, he was pain free and completely healed!  He told them what happened and they were incredulous!  The testimonies of the Lord will fill the earth in this hour!!
     In one service, there were miracles there besides the pregnant story, then a man in another room laying hands on himself and a man not even there being healed when someone stands in for him.  What a great night in the kingdom!!
     I have been here just a few days and wrote an email to some who work with us of the incredible changes in the church here, administratively and structurally, the happenings in our extensions, the first class of our school year and the embracing of the city of Dario along with the new stage of construction for our Prado church.  There is more!
     We are excited to be having a leadership meeting with many ministries coming tomorrow, tonight we are at the AOG church in Sebaco, he is the head of the AOG in the region, we have an Open Heavens day in Tipitapa next Saturday and many leaders are coming to that, along with our daily ministry to the poor, the people of Dario, the villages, the feedings, the extensions, the school etc.
     There is no fear in the kingdom, we were made to live in love and extend that love and believe in the supernatural no matter how the world shakes.  I wrote before I left how we would believe God to place in our hands provision to love and we still believe and you are welcome to join us as there are many needs today and everyday!!
              El Abrazo del Padre, earl

Earl and Jana Thurner   

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