Fall CMM Newsletter-30th Anniversary Special Edition enclosed

Greetings Precious Saint of God,

Attached is our 2008 Fall Newsletter going to thousands, and a photo page too, (two sided).  Please make copies and distribute freely. If your church would like some mailed to you, please let us know. They are being printed this week and we hope to have them in the (Postal) mail by early next week. If you live in the US and receive our newsletters, please email me when you get your copy.

Please pray for America.   I hear some conservatives saying we should not give into fear with the markets, but today I believe the Lord is saying, we need to give in, surrender totally, and repent as a nation, and give into the fear of the Lord, a holy fear. Pray for truth and righteousness to prevail in the lands of the earth. God loves us very much.  I heard yesterday from a local pastor that he met a Chinese man recently and this man said, "in Chinese, one definition of a crisis translates to ''opportunity".  We have before us great opportunities  to build the Kingdom with hungry souls who may have lost hope and to spot trends and niches to profit for the Kingdom and for our families too.  Be praying for the Lord to show you the open doors in the next year.

Ask God who He wants you to vote for. There are many questions during this election season. It is hard to get the truth from the media. So, pray.

Pray for Anna going to the Philippines Nov. 5th. I am set to go to India on Jan 5th or so.

Be sure to check out our all new CMM website at: http://christsmandateformissions.org or http://cmmissions.net
Have you heard the new CMM missions radio station? Go to http://radioactivate.org   Let me know what you think.

Be blessed always,

Jorge and Anna

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