Be Thankful Always and Links For India Videos and Haiti Feeding Festival!

Be Thankful Always and Links For India Videos and Haiti Feeding Festival!
Jorge Parrott

Greetings Precious Saint:

We thank God for you!
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When our children were younger we used to have a Thanksgiving tradition of making cut out leaves to post on a piece of cardboard called The Thanksgiving Tree. On each leaf the children would write down something they were thankful for and paste it on the Tree of Thanksgiving.

Some years we did not have much, but we always had food to eat and much to be thankful for like clothes, a home, a car or two and we had the gift of family and knowing Jesus as Lord.

Even the poorest of the poor in America are considered wealthy in many nations. We really are so blessed. Maybe this year you need to make a Thanksgiving Tree. The Word says, "Enter into His gates with Thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise." Do you need a miracle. Start with thanking God for what you have. We all have much to be thankful for even in the midst of the storms of life.

Please consider a special Christmas gift for your CMM missionaries this month. Our missionaries depend on your faithfulness to bless their own children. Bless the missionary's children with a special blessing this Christmas. Send in your gift soon to CMM PO 7705 Charlotte, NC 28241.

I am utterly amazed at what God did in me while in India. You would not think of India as a place of rest or relaxation but I came back truly refreshed and more hungry for God than ever. He is so merciful and so loving and so eager to meet us, when we step out, in faith. Sure, it was really intense, with the poverty, the smells, the sights of hopelessness, and the confusion amid the 33 million gods and the hindus and muslims.

1. To view photos of John Ebenezer's work in Merchela, AP India, go to:

2. To view video of John Ebenezer and his vision, go to:

3. To view the same video of John Ebenezer on Youtube, go to:

4. To watch video of Frank Rassmann and recent miracles in Bahraich at the CMM compound,
near Nepal, go to:

5. To watch a hindi song, Jesus Is A River, go to:

(be blessed as you watch this beautiful song).

To read about signs and wonders and God's grace and love for India:

6a.To view 1st report from India, click here.
6b. To view 2nd article from my time in India, click here:

Contact CMM about your availability for mission travel in 2008. We are all expecting amazing things to happen. You may not have the funds, but contact us anyway and we will pray with you for miraculous provision from our miraculous God. We work with many different churches and denominations. We would love to work with yours.

Contact CMM with any questions at 704-225-3927. Email at
Please pray about this:

Remember our assignment: To feed 5,000 children in Haiti this Christmas. Pastor Vincent, an orphan himself, for years has fed thousands in City Soleil. Vincent invites you to come join him this December to help bless the children in one of the poorest neighborhoods in the western hemishphere. CMM has been offered a generous donation to partner with WON, World Outreach Now, and founder Russell Griggs of $250,000 of food, vitamins and protein drinks and Nike clothes and shoes, and pictoral books to send to Haiti immediately to assist Vincent and his kids. We need $3,800 to pay for shipping. Please pray about sending in a gift to bless so many in Haiti. Mail your gift to CMM at PO 7705 Charlotte, NC 28241. Go to to read more about Vincent and see photos from last year! You will be blessed and touched. Please pray for Haiti. Call 704-225-3927 for more info.

We have been blessed with $2,000 so far to purchase toys for the children. One lady sat on an airplane and shared her passion for these kids with a stranger, an executive with a large insurance company. His company is matching his own gift, after his heart was touched by Cathy's testimony. What will be your testimony? We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Psalm 2:8 "Ask of Me and I will give you the nations for your inheritance."


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