Tahiti-French Polynesia Photos Online at CMM Web Album--Prayer conference call April 13th.

Hello Friends of God,


Sorry, it took me a while to get these online. We will be having our intercessors continue to pray for the islands and the people. Remember April 13th at 5:30am EST a prayer conference call is being held with nearly 250 intercessors praying for you and your work. Please get us an outline by April 5th.

We will watch the wonderful slide show Earl sent of the Marama night tomorrow at our home fellowship. What a delight!!!

Thank you Rev. Earl Thurner for the CD's and letter. It was much appreciated.  Thank you Torea and Teresa, Edualdo and Alene for your hearts of service.

We will be in San Francisco next weekend to visit our son, Matthew, who works for George Lucas.

Here is some of the contact info for that date:

TIME: Friday, April 13, 2007 at 5:30 a.m. - 6:00 a.m. - EASTERN DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME

The number (note this is the new number as of 3/16) :
1 - 218 483 1300 - PIN number 362 129 when instructed by the Operator

Call in right at 5:30. If the line is not open yet, keep trying. You will hear music then Dr. Judy Laidley introduces the prayer agenda.

Reminders as you pray on line:

1. Do not announce yourself--except we will need one person to open and lead the prayer who has been to Tahiti. Let Jorge know who that is soon, so he can help instruct.
2. Join us whatever we are praying for.
3. Minimize background noise
4. Use speaker or head set on cell

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