Feeding Thousands In Haiti and Fresh News From China! The Army Is Marching!

Christ's Mandate For Missions

Feeding Thousands In Haiti and Fresh News From China! The Army Is Marching!

Fresh From The CMM Newsdesk:

Praise Report! The Doctors team that went to Honduras recently ministered healing and the love of God to 18,300 in 8 days. Contact CMM to find out more about joining us on a life changing missions adventure or to help your church plan a trip.

Florie Santiago, in the Philippines reports the new church being built in San Antonio, Piddig, is almost complete. A new church costs around $7,000. Several donors have built a church in memory of a loved one. What a tribute! 32 churches have been built with CMMP in the last few years. We invite you to join us on a ministry trip there.

Remember our assignment: To feed 5,000 children in Haiti each Christmas. Pastor Vincent, an orphan himself, for years has fed thousands in City Soleil. Vincent invites you to come join him this December to help bless the children in one of the poorest neighborhoods in the western hemishphere. CMM has been offered a generous donation to partner with WON, World Outreach Now, and founder Russell Griggs of $250,000 of food, vitamins and protein drinks and Nike clothes and shoes, and pictoral books to send to Haiti immediately to assist Vincent and his kids. We need $3,800 to pay for shipping. Please pray about sending in a gift to bless so many in Haiti. Mail your gift to CMM at PO 7705 Charlotte, NC 28241. Go to http://cmmissions.net to read more about Vincent and see photos from last year! You will be blessed and touched. Please pray for Haiti. Call 704-225-3927 for more info.

Our dear friend, Doris, a native of Taiwan, recently completed a journey into China to assist in equipping the Saints. If you feel led to bless this "faith-walking" missionary, who lives by faith, send in your gift for Doris to CMM PO 7705 Charlotte, NC 28241. She covets your prayers also.

CMM President Jorge Parrott is on his way to India October 23rd, to visit, inspect wells drilled and an orphanage run by John Ebenezer, in Hyderabad, to meet and train leaders in IET, the largest church planting group in India, with over 5,000 churches in the north, and to visit, share, teach, and pray with the Rassmann family and workers in Bahraich, UP India at the CMM hospital and Morning Star Academy, near Nepal. We are all expecting great signs and wonders to follow the preaching of the Word. God's heart is so on India in this season.

Pray for the Grants in Guatemala as they must face rising cost, inflation, and they are still helping many families recovering from the heavy floods in August.

Charles and Jackie Kindle host a CMM fall banquet and reunion of CMM mission teams in Cortland, Ohio this Saturday at 5pm. Jorge Parrott will be attending with many others. Come join us.

Pray for friends ministering in Malawi and Mozambique. Reports came in last week from Iris Ministries,Rolland and Heidi Bakker of an assasination of one of the leaders in the north by Muslim rebels. The Muslims have bought up a large shipment of Bibles and burned them. Pray for the Word to go forth like never before.

Praise Report! The Doctors team that went to Honduras recently ministered healing and the love of God to 18,300 in 8 days. Contact CMM to find out more about joining us on a life changing missions adventure or to help your church plan a trip.

Pray for the next team going to India, led by Todd Atkins in late November.

CMM has strategically placed missionaries in many nations who know the language, know the culture, drink the same water, and are well anointed of the Lord to preach the Gsopel,even if there is a plague, famine, or war. The army is ready and marching on.

Pray for CMM missionaries, donors, and intercessors around the globe. Locked arm in arm, the army of the Lord is marching and the waves of real and lasting revival are spreading and getting higher and going deeper in advance of the soon and certain return of The Captain of the Host of the Army, Lord Jesus.

The Report of Mission to China

Dear Pastors, friends, and intercessors:

Greetings from the Lord!

Thank you very much for your faithful prayer for me. I have come back from China on 09/27safely. Praise the Lord! It was a wonderful trip. "The Training Center" just started this September. The leaders told me that they tried to start it in last year, but the Lord told them to wait until this time. By God's divine purpose, it was an honor and privilege that I could have the chance to attend the opening ceremony and to interpret for an American pastor and to teach those 50 students in that training center. If they started it last year I would not have the chance, because last September I was still in America. Thank you Jesus!

There were about 100 people attending the opening ceremony. Besides the six pastors, leaders came from Taiwan, Hong Kong, America, Canada, and those 50 students, the rest are the local brothers, sisters and leaders came from other Provinces. During the ceremony I felt that the presence of the Lord was strongly among us. The ages of those students are from 16 to 43. Most of them are around 20 years old. Their goals are to build the Churches for Jesus, even to go to the Moslem world to preach the Gospel. Or where ever God's lead them, they will go. Those students are so precious.

In those ten days, every day from 8:00am to 12:00am and from7:00pm to 8:30pm I interpret for an American pastor who taught them "The Summary of Old Testament". In the afternoon from 2:00pm to 4:00pm I taught them "The lively Bible reading", and "The Spiritual Warfare". From 4:30pm to 5:30pm another teacher taught them "Basic music". From 5:30pm to 6:00pm I taught them "Singing".

As 09/23 was Sunday, I asked the leader if all the students will go back to their home Church to worship the Lord or just go to Churches nearby to worship the Lord. They told me that all the students must stay at campus and are not allowed going out until they graduate because of the security reason. I encouraged the leaders that we should have Sunday Worship in the campus. They all agreed and the American Pastor also agreed, so we did. Praise the Lord!

Two teachers told me that in the House Church most of the ministers are living in a very hard and poor situation. I wondered that the Gospel had been preached in China for hundred years. Especially in the last 20 years, they have received many resources including financial supports from other countries, such as America, Canada, England, Taiwan, Hong Kong…etc. Why the Chinese Churches and Christians are still living in poverty. I felt that many Chinese Churches and Christians do not know the truth of tithe and offering. So I asked them if they know the truth of tithe and offering and what the Churches treat this matter. They replied that they knew a little bit but not very clear. They also said that when the minister wants to go to preach, they must pay all the expense by themselves like Apostle Paul. After their preaching or ministering, if someone gives them offering and they receive it. Then the people would speak bad word behind them. So they did not collect tithe and offering in the meeting. Now I realized that why they live in poverty.

I encouraged the two teachers to preach the truth of tithe and offering before they take offering on Sunday morning service (9/23). They dare not to do it. I told them that we are the servants of God. We should preach the truth according to the Bible and living in it. We should fear the Lord not fear the man. If we do not preach the truth according to the Bible, we are not only unfaithful to God, but also hinder the God's blessing to His people. One day God will judge us and God's people will also complain to us because we do not teach them the truth.

Both of them asked me to preach the truth of tithe and offering on Sunday morning service for they dare not to preach that sermon. I told the American pastor about this matter. He encouraged me to preach. He also said that all the students will be leaders one day; they should live a life of example to God's people. If they do not give tithe and offering to the Lord, how they lead God's people in the future?

So, on that Sunday morning service, I asked all the students if they knew the truth of tithe and offering. Most of them said: "No!" Then I asked them did they give tithe to the Lord? All said: "No!" By the help of the Holy Spirit, I preached the truth of tithe and offering sermon before they took offering. I asked them to read all the relative scriptures loudly. I told them that all the worlds are belonging to God. God does not need our money, but we need God's blessing. If we do not give tithe to the Lord, we actually steal the money from the Lord. Therefore, the devil has legal right to steal (devour) from us, such as money, peace, joy, health, wealth…etc. I encouraged them to test God's word according to His promise and write down the date and see how God will bless them and rebuke the devil for them. I would like to hear their testimony next time when I go there.

Praise the Lord! That morning they collect offering and every one gave tithe to the Lord joyfully. The leaders told me that it was a big breakthrough and also a blessing to them. The American pastor also told me that he felt the anointing and the presence of the Lord was so strongly moving among us during the service. All the people were so happy. Praise the Lord! Glory to God!

All the students told me that both the American pastor's teaching and mine teaching are very practical and helpful to them. What they have learned in school before just one way receiving. We taught them not only receiving but also responding. I taught them how to read the Bible, how to write a sermon from the Bible, how to preach, how to sing, and how to fight with the devil. The most important thing is that learning how to become a good leader from the Bible. I gave them chance to come up to the platform to practice. And letting the students gave their comments, then I gave them correction for their practice. Most of the students were enjoy it very much and learned it quite well. Only a few students could not catch up. Thank God!

At the last night before we left, we worshiped and prayed together and blessed for each other and hugged each other. All the students were crying. I also cried. They asked us to continue to pray for them and to go there to teach them again. We told them that we will pray for them. We also asked them to pray for us so that we may have time and money to go.

After you read my report and see the pictures, if you are touched by the Holy Spirit and have burden to go to China for a short term mission trip. Or you do not have time but you want to support those students by adopting a student (each one for one year about US$900.) Please let me know your time and what you want to teach. So I may contact with the leader to arrange the schedule for you if they are available. If you have interest to adopt a student, I will give your e-mail address to the leader. Then he will contact with you directly.

Thank you very much again for your prayer for me and your patience to read my report. May God reward you abundantly!

Love in Jesus Christ

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