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Dear Friends,

Pray Around the Nations is continuing with a "WAKE UP CALL" for prayer on Friday morning at 5:30 am EST.  Tomorrow December 19th.

Just call:
1 - 712 421 6099 - PIN number 31042

Pray Around the Nations offers this call to prayer on a radio program by way of internet web connection (web streaming). Tune in on Sunday also to pray for nations.

Every Sunday morning:
7:30 AM Eastern Standard Time (New York Time)
web site:

These two methods, Tele-Conferencing and now Radio, is our way of coming into His throne room as one mighty voice. We will be praying together for:   SOMALIA:
 w  The lawlessness has also spilled onto the seas
                                          off the Horn of Africa, where international vessels are
                                          routinely hijacked by suspected Somali pirates.
2  Ethiopia announced Friday that it is pulling its forces from
Somalia by year's end, leaving the ravaged capital vulnerable to the Islamic militants
who have seized nearly all of the country.

Prayer key points:
  • Heavy fighting across Somalia has driven more than a million people from their homes.

  • Somalia's president said Sunday he has dismissed his prime minister for failing to do his job, a move that could threaten peace efforts in the the violence ravaged African nation
  • Economy is in ruins there is no formal formal economy in existence.
  • Globally there are only about 2,000 Solali Christians.
  • Strong prejudices against Christianity need to be broken down. (Somalia is 99.95% Muslim)
This will be a powerful prayer session to "SET THE CAPTIVES FREE." and calm the storms of war and suffering.

Pray Around the Nations believe God's people can change history and set captives free

Dr. Judy Laidley Ph.D. - PAN Director

The number: 1 - 712 421 6099 - PIN number 31042         

Friday AM 5:30 am EST (December 19th, 2008)

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