Prophetic Evangelism in Action in Guatemala

Guatemala: Prophetic Evangelism SPECIAL FEATURE
Missionary Prophetic Evangelism, or If not us then who?, and if not now then when?

To be a missionary, you don't need to cross the sea, you just need to see the cross.

Arthur Blessit is quoted as saying, "if you are called to preach the gospel, don't stoop down to be a king."

Indeed, what can compare to the sublime privilege and unmatched joy of serving the Lord as a minister of the gospel?

During a week of seminars on the prophetic to 5 different church groups in Coban, Guatemala, this group of believers from Iglesia Amanecer found itself on break between sessions, browsing at the local mall. Among the group were a middle school teacher and mother of a toddler, a factory worker, a hair stylist, a high school student, a house painter, a real estate agent and an insurance agent.

Our host for the week introduced me to three friends in the mall. As I greeted them, I asked the Lord, "what do you have for these folks, Lord?" Faithful as always, the Lord showed me an image for each of the three, with prophetic words to accompany the vision. The married couple responded with surprise, joy and were so encouraged that they renewed a previous commitment to Christ, right there in the mall. For the third member of the group, a younger single lady, the Lord had something unique. I felt the Lord sharing with me a certain knowledge of the lady's past experience. In the word of knowledge, I shared the message. She, as well as the other two who knew her well, were amazed that a foreigner and stranger could have access to private aspects of her life.
As I pressed in and asked the Lord what to do next, I was surprised to hear in my spirit, "tell her that I will never be unfaithful to her and that her heart is safe with me. Tell her that I'm a promise keeper, not a promise breaker, and that if she would trust me and recieve me, her desire for true love will be satisfied. Tell her I'm proposing marriage to her. Ask her, on my behalf, if she would marry me."I shared all of this with the young lady, just as I had received it.

Then and there, in the midst of the busy, modern shopping mall, surrounded by strangers, as a stranger in a strange land, I took a knee, took her hand, looked into her eye and on behalf of and in the name of Jesus Christ, I proposed marriage to her. She was overwhelmed with joy, tears of healing began to flow and after expressing of forgiveness toward her offender(s), accepted the Lord's proposal, and entered into a new relationship with God in Christ, by faith, right there, in the mall, in response to the prophetic.

The host pastor was watching all of this in awe. And as I commended the young lady unto his capable pastoral care, he realized that all he had been hearing and seeing all week in the seminar for those in the church, also applies to those who are yet to be saved, as a bold, compassionate and creative approach in evangelism.

Respectfully submitted, James Farrell

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