A Higher Type of Faith

This word is submitted by Teresa Seputis [ts@godspeak.net]


                      A Higher Type Of Faith

I am actively at work in your circumstances. I am working behind the
scenes for your good and I will cause My glory to shine forth into
every one of your circumstances. I expect you to trust Me to do this
in your life, because you know that I am your loving Heavenly Father,
and you know that I take good care of My own.

Dear one, there are going to be times when I will choose not to explain
precisely what I am doing to you. That is because I want to give an
opportunity for your faith to grow. There are two types of faith that I
want to foster in you--the first is faith in My promises, and the other
is faith in Me and in My goodness. The second is greater than the first.
That is why I choose, at times, to withhold My explanation and ask you to
simply trust Me. That fosters the greater type of faith.

It is one thing to trust in a word that I have given you, having faith
that I will accomplish what I have promised, despite the fact that your
circumstances are not yet lining up with My promise. That type of faith
is a good thing and it is well pleasing to Me. It is the type of faith
that Abraham demonstrated to Me when He believed My promise that he would
bare a son through a wife who was well past her child-bearing years. I
love it when you lay a hold of My promises in faith and hold onto them
until they become reality in your life. That type of faith pleases Me.

But there is a higher type of faith--to trust Me to take care of you
even when you have no idea of what My plans are. This is the type of
faith that Abraham demonstrated when He obeyed My command to leave
his home and follow Me, having no idea where I would lead him. This
is the type of faith that Meshach, Shadrach, and Abed-Nego demonstrated
when they refused to bow down to the graven image upon threat of death.
They did not know if I would deliver them from the burning fiery
furnace, yet they trusted in My goodness and choose to honor Me.

That type of faith, dear one, is the faith that moves mountains. It is
the type of faith where nothing shall be impossible unto you. So have
faith in My goodness and in My love. Have faith in My willingness and
in My ability to take care of you.

Do not be like the children of Israel, who questioned Me every step of
their journey. Each time that My plans stepped outside of the bounds of
their expectations, they murmured and complained, and they gave up their
faith. That is why they were unable to believe in My deliverance when I
led them to the boarder of their promised land. Even though I had
promised it to them and put that promise squarely within their grasp,
they were unable to believe Me for it. Their unbelief is what led to
the disobedience that caused them to perish in the wilderness.

Dear one, do not be like the children of Israel when I move in your
life and circumstances differently than how you expect Me to. Do not
allow unbelief to creep in and steal away your ability to possess all
that I have promised you. If you don't understand what I am doing to
work for you good in your present circumstances, that is ok. I ask you
to trust that I am good and to trust that I love you and to trust that
I will keep My promise to take care of you. I don't want you to trust
in your understanding, I want you to simply trust in Me.

That is the greatest type of faith, the faith that moves mountains and
causes the impossible to be placed into your hand. Trust in Me, dear one,
because I am good and I am faithful. Likewise, trust in My timing even
when it seems wrong or delayed to you. I will not disappoint you or let
you down, because I am faithful. I am worthy of your trust, and that is
why I expect you to give it to Me.


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