Send in your application for CMMNCCT College of Theology today!


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Send in your application for CMMNCCT College of Theology today!
Dr. Jorge Parrott
Aug 13, 2008

Hello Dear Friend of God,

Time is fast approaching for classes beginning September 13 for accredited US degrees from CMMNCCT available by correspondence worldwide. Download the application from our website at: and complete it and email it to or fax to 888-816-0725 or postal mail to 834 Tyvola Rd Suite 100, Charlotte, NC 28217. Email for financial aid form today. A limited number of scholarships are available, so don't delay.

An open house is set for next week August 23 at 10am to noon at the school in Charlotte.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Our Purpose
NCCT, as a Spirit-filled evangelical community, is dedicated to the preparation of men and women for effective, Spirit-filled leadership and Christ-like servant-hood in the church, in the marketplace, and in the world. Here at CMM NCCT it is our vision is to equip disciples and pastors in many nations by connecting and strengthening churches in the Western Hemisphere, then linking hearts and resources for building churches, schools, businesses, medical facilities, and most of all, people, in nations around the globe to release Kingdom love, principles, and purposes.

Our Mission
As a Spirit-filled institution designed to equip men and women for effective and Godly leadership, NCCT is established to train Christian servants who will become spiritually vibrant, Biblically strong, theologically balanced, ministry-equipped and culturally sensitive. The college seeks to integrate Biblical and theological training with practical skills essential for effective witness and ministry and to provide a scriptual balance of:
- Sound Theolgoy with spiritual passion,
- Biblical exposition with prophetic insight,
- Patience in tribulation with expectation of the miraculous,
- Pastoral sensitiviey with evangelistic fervor,
- Commitment to character with a quest for the charismata,
- Kingdom growth with personal maturity.

Financial Support
We are providing a limited number of scholarships for Church workers who are located outside of the United States of America. Please click here to fill out the form to get more information.

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