CMM is now part of a micro-enterprise loan group mPower--Do you have a business idea? Do you need money to grow or start your business?

Greetings CMM Missionary,

Do you have an idea for a business? Has it been hard or impossible to get a loan in your nation? Would you be able to start small and work to grow your business concept? Do you need funds? Is your business socially responsible? Does your business seek to honor the Lord? If so, this is for you.

Kingdom minded businesses will change the world.

Please go sign up as a field partner at:

Please take time to prayerfully consider your business plan. Be sure to fill in spaces fully and answer questions completely. They are not mind readers. Be prepared when we or others come to inspect how their funds are invested. To whom much is given, much is required. You will be accountable for your business and the repayment of your loan. Your word, spoken and written, is your bond.  If you need help with formulating, writing a business plan, or developing a business focus, let us know at CMM. Write

About Field Partners

Field Partners are independent organizations working in a developing country that partner with mPOWR to connect business owners in their community with the funders from mPOWR.

Field Partners may or may not be a US 501 (c)3 organization.

Field Partner responsibilities include:

  • Identify, screen and train potential business owners
  • Ensure overall operational excellence among businesses being funded through:
    • Regular onsite visit
    • Maintenance of compliance standards
    • Regular review of business and community impact plans
    • Providing training and assistance to underperforming businesses
  • Development of business owners through mentoring/coaching and training.
  • Ensure consistent communications with business owners and between business owners and mPOWR funders.

To browse a list of field partners currently working with mPOWR, see here.

Please send this email or write one of your own to your circle of friends and donors. Have them call President Jorge at 704-517-2557 with any questions or verification.

List your affiliation as with CMM. Our user id there is CMMArmy. They even have gift cards for  purchase. Tell your friends to  give to your enterprise business idea and show them how to do it.

Let's work together to build Kingdom-minded businesses.

About mPOWR

mPOWR is the world's first peer-to-peer "funding" marketplace that combines a passion to bring real transformation to the developing world with the highest levels of personal trust.

At, donors/lenders are given an opportunity to mPOWR a socially responsible business owner in the developing world. Each qualified business owner is selected and mentored through viable field partners. The business owner is assessed by the field partner in regard to the strength of their business plan and the social impact of their endeavor.

Here's how it works. After registering at, funders are free to search by region, size or type of business to discover the opportunity that suits them. When they choose a business to mPOWR they will then be given an option to help fund the business by providing either a tax deductible donation or an interest bearing loan. They get to choose. Monies will transfer from your online mPOWR account to the field partner and be personally delivered to the business owner within a few days. Donors/Lenders will then be able to track the progress of the business and its impact in the surrounding community.

Eric Watt, founder and CEO, birthed mPOWR after nearly 20 years of training and development work in the Middle East, the Sub-continent, Central Asia and the Pacific Rim. Each global field partner is hand selected to reflect the highest values and standards of ethics, financial integrity and social responsibility.

mPOWR generates income by charging a minimal processing fee for each business funded and by providing financial, management and mentoring services to global field partners.

Together, with you, building the Kingdom, one life at a time.

Jorge Parrott

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