Malawi: Harvey Chabinga- Outreach In Nsanje district close to Mozambique


Rev Jorge

Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus our savior.

This week end  we had to go to do the outreach far south that we travel led close to 1000 thousand km to and from. It could have been very tough to carry the Jesus Film equipment using public transport but we hired a small car hope you have seen it, attached are the pictures.

On Friday we showed Jesus film but the equipment had problems, so it was not finished but it was done half way but at the end we shared the word that 56 people gave their lives to Christ.

On Saturday morning we had a healing service and we prayed for many people who were sick and the Lord touched many people.

Then on Saturday we had the equipment fixed when we showed Jesus to the end we had a big group responding to the altar call that close to 205 people gave their lives to Christ. But unfortunately all the pictures that we got at night during Jesus film show could not come out clear.

On Saturday Sunday many people came to church, whilst in the service, I challenged people from Luke 10 saying Jesus sent them 2 by 2 to preach so I said go and get any one who is moving on the Road and people went out and brought 18 people that at the end they gave their lives to Jesus, people who were just staying in their homes without having the thought of going to any church.

Secondly after that I shared about healing from the same chapter, as Jesus commanded heal the sick, so we prayed for may sick people, I remember five people that I told them go and check yourselves before you seat down come back to me if you still have the pains when they were coming back they testified that the pains were gone out of their bodies, two women were delivered from demonic attacks, so may children and babies were touched from different problems, we had almost 40 minutes on Saturday and Sunday almost one hour praying for those who were oppressed of the evil one.

Now the most important thing that is needed is church visitation, most of the people are not grounded on the word, so there is a need that I should be visiting churches, like now 7 churches from Mozambique under one pastor came and spoke to us and they have become part of us, and 6 other churches within Malawi in the surrounding church that we went to visit came to join us, so in total we have 28 churches, SO MY PLEA TO YOU IS THAT WE NEED FINANCIAL SUPPORT THAT WE CAN BE GOING ROUND TO TEACH THESE CHURCHES TO BE GROUNDED IN THE WORD AND THAT THEY CAN BE SELF SUSTAINABLE AND THAT THEY SHOULD ALSO HAVE THE HUNGER TO GO AND CONTINUE TO PLANT OTHER CHURCHES.

I know  you have friends who are Portuguese speaking, we would love to take them to Mozambique and that we can do teachings and continue reaching Mozambique, since the Lord has opened a door.


The Place is very hot it was 43 degrees Celsius, that we were sleeping outside the house and on the pictures there is a church of glass thatched that due to our visitation many people came and that it was too small, at the same time we had to be outside under a tree since it was too hot.

Some pictures are of Saturday and others are for Sunday service, worshiping together, sharing the word praying for the people.

First week of December we are going to have another type of outreach in Dwangwa district which we are also trusting the Lord for funds, this alone cost us close to 300$ to hire a vehicle and to put fuel and help buy relish at the village.

Thanks so much for your prayers

God bless

Harvey & Ethel Chabinga


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