Tahiti: Earl Thurner and Edualdo Cicero-Great Day of Answered Prayers-Miracle in the Marketplace


Iaorana and Bonjour!!

     I sent you an update and also asked you to pray about the meetings I would be having with pastors and also the representative from Wallis and Futuna Islands, a French Territory at the far end of Polynesia near the Fiji Islands.  It was just an incredible day and it has been an amazing outreach to Tahiti and Moorea, such a fantastic time.
     Malia-Petolo Gaveau is the Wallis and Futuna delegate in French Polynesia.  She is the grandaughter of a previous king and is now living in Tahiti, representing her nation.  Wallis and Futuma is a 3 island chain of 15,000 people and Jana counseled her in August and the Ciceros have been developing a relationship with her.  I met with her yesterday with Aline about a personal issue and God moved powerfully in that situation and also we blessed her financially and are planning to support some of the projects she is establishing in French Polynesia to help the people of her nation.  We received a great testimony from her today of God moving in the situation we were dealing with.  God is opening the way to bring the gospel of the kingdom to her nation and also to see transformation.  She listened attentively as I shared about transformation and as a politician she was moved to see her calling from His perspective.  I am sure that you noticed that on this trip, God has brought us into relationship with those who have a heart to touch their nation in the political arena, the business arena and the entertainment arena.  Former President Temarus son, Tetua hou, Charles Barcelli, the man who will probably be the head of a party with great influence and also Mawake, one of the members of that influential music group were ministered to and saw their lives in a whole different way!
     I also had a great time with Pastor William Tua.  Listen to another amazing scenario.  About 5 years ago, I went with Edualdo to bless the restaurant bar right across from our upstairs office, downtown Papeete.  The owner was a woman, unsaved and her boyfriend was the Vice Mayor of Papeete.  It was really the first time I had done this and both of them were wonderfully ministered to.  He actually took us around in a police car to show us the night scene and the disenfranchised youth in Tahiti because he had a heart for the youth.  William was thinking of starting a church and wanted it to be downtown Papeete, the heart of the city.  I thought of starting in right in the bar on Sundays when it was closed.  That is exactly what happened and I was the opening speaker that morning.  His church was birthed and for one year they met there and the business also prospered.  Yesterday, I found out that they never came to the church when it was in the bar but when Pastor William re-located the church about a half hour away, they began to come and now attend his fellowship every week!!  The woman is involved in most of the activities of the church and he stays behind to help out at the restaurant.  Now they want to be baptized!!  Pastor William listened attentively as I shared about the gospel of the kingdom and the transformation of his nation and you could tell that his eyes began to be opened and it was a very fruitful and wonderful time!!!  It all began with simply blessing a business and reaching out in love.
      I wanted to go to the marketplace located in the heart of the city to get a few pareos(Tahitian wrap arounds) for Jana and this was just another highlight of the day.  The market is full of stalls where people sell clothing, all kinds of Tahitian jewelry, and the downstairs is a wide open food market of fresh produce along with flowers, leis, perfumes and oils, clothing, hats, and a meat market also.  It is the hub of the city and we used to go there years back in the evening and pray for people, many of whom sleep right there.
     I purchased one pareo with a picture of all the islands on it and the went over to another stall and there was an old tahitian woman there.  I asked Edualdo to ask her if we could bless her business which kind of startled her.  I told her why and then asked if we could agree with her if anyone in her family was sick or if she was sick.  She immediately spoke up and said," I have kidney problems.  I do not have diabetes but the doctor says they are shutting down".  She talked a bit more about the specifics of the problem.  We waited until some folks came and went and then she asked Edualdo if I was a Catholic Priest, she was a Protestant and I think she might have not wanted prayer if she knew I was one.  We explained in simplicity who we were and the heart of the Lord to love her and heal her.  She agreed to prayer.  What happened next was one of those precious moments in life.  As I stood no more than 2 feet from her, I told her that the presence of God will come upon her, that there were no kidney problems in heaven and there will be none in her, on earth as it is in heaven.  Right in front of my eyes you could see the Spirit of God begin to come upon her right in the booth. I began to feel His presence remarkably and released the kingdom of God without touching her and at the end gently touched her hands.  We were just stunned by His manifest nearness.
     Not wanting to take more time as customers were coming, we just blessed her business and began to walk away.  She stopped us and said, "I felt something come upon me".  She volunteered these words.  Then I asked her to move her body around and to see if there is any change and I did not even know if was experiencing any difficulties, just that she had kidney problems.  As she began moving her arms, bending over, twisting her body right there in the booth, she exclaimed, "I cannot feel any pain at all and I was having a lot of pain in the lower back area, it is gone". Her countenance was full of relief and peace!  He is the Healer and we are life giving spirits and I cannot wait to come back to the market with others and spend entire days there doing good and healing the sick.
     What a wonderful trip!  There is more to share and Vision of the Harvest is sponsoring two ministries in November and December and as prayer partners, the seminar on "Sexual and Identity Dysfunctions" in December with a minister from France is going to touch on very sensitive issues and you have never seen anything like the blatant and accepted transvestite and homosexual culture everywhere  in Tahiti.  We need facilities for that and Edualdo asked me to let you know about this request.  Blessings and Thanks for all your prayers and financial support to meet many needs, more than we planned and of course, there is still room in His heart for your giving to be released through our hands!     We Love You, earl and jana
Earl and Jana Thurner 
The Desire of All Nations
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c/o of Earl Thurner

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