Pray for Yai and Yori In India--one month baby in hospital and orphans in need of prayer.


Dr.Jorge and CMM family,

    How are you? I am sorry I could not write any e-mails for past four or five days due to my busy schedule and tough time.
    I just want to share with you couple things:
           Firstly, I am so glad to share with you that our LLM Gopel Team and me have been so busy with our evangelistic work. We could visit many peoples' houses and shared the gospel of Jesus.
         As a result, three hindu people gave their lives to Jesus and accepted the Lord Jesus as their personal savior and got water Baptism yesterday. These three people are from strong Hindu background. There are two ladies and one man. I could change their names also into christian names such as Naiomi, Mercy, and Issac.  This is something tremendous result to see in the LLM Gospel Team work. Praise God for this project.
         We don't have any funds for this project.Nobody  is there to support for this project. Of course there are some needs for this Evangelism project. We just keep praying for some supporters for this project. If any body helps at least $250 per month for this team work, they can reach more effectively.
           Please do pray for this Evangelism team. We are planning to visit jungle and reach unreached jungle tribal groups in month of April. Please uphold this plan in your prayers.
              Second thing,  our enemy is attacking me and my family and ministry through sicknesses. My little son 'Joshua Jai Mallipudi'(one month old baby) has been hospitalized due to heavy coughs and  cold and throat infection. He has been under medication. All his little hands and legs have been pocked with sharp needles. I could not see his out cry. I am so sad to see his pain. He is taking still some moere anti-biotic injections.
              Third thing, our enemy is attacking our finances so badly. I am ashmed to say that our orphanage kids school fees and exams fees are not paid yet. It is so sad to see our children condition. For last month we are under heavy pressure of money. More over we have to pay some urgent bills such as electricity and phone bills and land babance for the land. We have not started even the compound wall work yet. If we finish the COMPOUND WALL, we will have peace with local hindu fanatics.
                   In spite of all these challenges, We trust in the Lord. He is awesome and faithful and powerful. We believe His sovereignity. We believe His miracles. We have been looking unto Him. Our help comes from Him. He is the maker of heaven and earth. Our exaltation comes from Him, not from east nor west.
         Thank you so much for all your faithful prayers for us and the work of God here in India. Please continue to pray and stand with us.
           If you have any urgent funds, please send us as soon as possible. Thanks.
               Hope to hear from you soon. God bless you.
               I have to go to the hospital now to see my little son.
                  Please uphold him and all the work of LLM here in India. You are very important and you are a vital part in this work. Please stand with us.
                     Our prayers are with you always.
                                   in His field,
                                        Jai&Yori and LLM Gospel Team.

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