Pray for Jai and Yori in India



Remember sister Satyavathi who was an innocent girl(12years)got a sickness which nobody knew?
  I AM SO SAD TO SAY THAT SISTER 'SATAYVATHI' PASSED AWAY YESTERDAY. She had only bones/skeleton by the time she died. We as a family of LLM took the body and burried her body. Sister Satyavathi has one little brother(7years old) and grand father.
     They live along the road side in a hut. Today our co-workers and me went and prayed for them too. The grand-father and the little boy are living i the hut without any proper food and drink.
   I am planning to pick the boy and put in our orphanage.
   Please do pray for this boy and the entire situation in the family.
              Thank you so much for all your prayers and support. God bless you. Our prayers are with you.
             IN HIS FIELD,


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