Pray so Christians will not be silenced. Your free speech rights as believers are being targeted.

 This is from a friend, Karen Williams, who lived in Fort Mill, SC and now lives in Massachusetts.

   My heart is heavily burdened because I see many signs leading to the silencing of Christians. We have been seeing them for years and they are rapidly increasing. We are now living in the days when good is called evil and evil is called good. This is profoundly evident here in Massachusetts.
    I have the privilege of praying in the State House building (equivalent to the State Capitol) once a month. In addition to praying for souls, we pray over many bills that are being brought before the state legislature. Currently the gay activists have at least eight bills they are trying to push through, including one that would make it a hate crime to publically speak or write against transgender and gay people, even in churches. Some of the gay activists here have been laboring hard in San Francisco.
    It is my understanding that there is a resolution being considered in the United Nations that would completely silence Christians from sharing the gospel outside of their own country. If this passes and one is found guilty of it, the punishment could be death. The ACLJ is working on this--please pray for them.
    We are living in very serious days. It would be tragic for many Christians to suddenly "wake up" and find their civil rights completely eliminated. Currently they are being eroded away. In Massachusetts parents do not have the right to remove their children from sex education classes which include gay, lesbian and transgender tolerance instruction. Please join me in praying for your state, our nation, and the United Nations resolution.  And let's petition the Lord to wake-up His people and motivate them to pray.
    Please forward this to the Christians on your e-mail list. Many of you are already praying faithfully and the Lord hears you. In these last days, prayer is truly our greatest weapon!
God bless you as you battle to overcome satan's strategies through worship and prayer.

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