Nicaragua: Earl Thurner

 Hola from Nicaragua!
    I will wait to send updates after a few days of seeing the display of God and trying to work with folks here to capture some of the things that will take place so you can enjoy Him and also the fruit of your prayers and giving. I will post things on facebook so you can always go to my wall, Earl Thurner if you are on facebook and see some wonderful things!
     You can see Pastor Jairo speaking to 2 rival gangs who fought at a soccer match and Jairo was asked by the police chief to speak to them.  Afterwards they reconciled and the TV crew came and it was on the news.  Today I will speak on the TV show we have in Dario and you cannot walk down the streets without recognition because many watch the TV show weekly(on Tuesdays and Fridays for one hour) and there are miracle testimonies each week, with worship and the gospel of the kingdom being preached.  
     Hannah is a little girl, the daughter of Jairo and Clary and while in the womb complications developed before the birth and there was great concern.  We prayed for her and the baby was normal and I remember the day we dedicated her to the Lord.  She is holding a backpack and prophetic picture kids in Jobynas Bethel class of children during services made for the kids in Nicaragua.  We are giving backpacks to kids here who need them.  
    I have not even been here a day and only had a couple of hours of sleep and when I landed I could not wait to put $100 in the hands of the pastors I work with who labor so hard before His face.  The looks of softened countenances, graced with thankfulness and joy was worth it all.  My people here are not handout people, they never expect or ask for anything but I am papa earl and jana is mama jana and these are not just ministry, these are family.  I told you I want to do that to at least 10-15 pastors.  And give everywhere!!  
    A CD of 4 songs or so was given to me by our friends in Florida that I stayed with, Tom and Kathy Wise.  I put it on last night and the Spirit of God came upon everyone.  Pastor Jairo got up weeping and felt the heart of Jesus as He washed the disciples feet.  He decided to do just that.  So he brokenly washed my feet, Pastor Harrys, another leader Alan and his wife and daughters.  I followed, starting with the child, then the woman, then the Alan then Pastor Jairo and then Pastor Harry and there were reasons for that order.  God descended in that room and kept coming.  This morning Wilder, a man we baptized over a year ago came to the house.  He broke into tears as we embraced.  He is now one of the leaders, his whole family in the kingdom.
   A full day today of loving the people and meeting with the leaders and who knows what else will happen.  Tomorrow off to Matagalpa to share with the leaders and pastors of an emerging Bethel School of Ministry there and also will be in Managua ministering before picking up Tom, one of our board members at the airport and a few other things during the day that are being scheduled.
   Yesterday, Pastor Harry showed me the beginnings of the building for the church and I asked him how much to finish the roof and it is about $350 american.  Amazingly cheap, c'mon!  It will happen!  I found out there is a new church plant in Los Limitos so we have another village to feed and bless the kids!  And bring the teams of children, youth and adults to the villages to love and heal the sick.  Also setting up opportunities to better lives as I mentioned last newsletter.  So we are privileged to be a part of all this.

   I encourage those who have intimated out of appreciation for the blessing of DOAN in their own lives the desire to sow into this ministry but for one reason or another have not been able to, now would be a great time.  I am going to only pledge more, give all I have and get, step out to do more before I am able to and I fully expect God to find those hearts that will be a part of this.  If you think I am dead serious about these people being blessed and have no qualms about providing the opportunity for others to ask HIM to join with me in that stretch of compassion, you are correct.
    I am deeply thankful to all of you who consistently support us, rise to the challenges to do more and anyone and everyone who has sown into this trip.  One man came last night and weepingly said, Ï remember the words you spoke in this city and lived before us, that we do not love in word if we do not live in deed". 
    Remember, there are those who get these emails and are already committed, already sowing, already yearning to do more.  I am trying to capture as many as possible, for this season, you never know what God will do.  And of course, there are some who have other interests and causes or struggling so never feel pressured, no need to, it is not from me nor from God.
   Break my heart Lord with the things that break yours is my prayer for myself until my heart is only His heart, break it Lord.....blessings, earl

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