India: Sudarsanam Samuel College of Theology Requests

 Dear Dr. Jorge

Greetings to you in the precious and wonderful name of Jesus Christ. As you know that I have heart to  start school of Ministry in our region, I am planning to start Bible school in our church. We could successfully finish School of Ministry in 2009. But due to No finance we did not run the school last year. But this year of 2011, I am praying and asking God to provide finance to run the school from month of October to February. It is my desire that Teams from Morning Star to visit in these months and spend 2 or more weeks of time to teach 1 or 2 subjects to the Bible Students in the school.  if God brings you during these months to equip saints and to teach students would be great blessing for us. What do you think?  I just wrote to brother Darren and just requested him if he can make his way to India to teach Discipleship subject. So as I am praying for the school of Ministry in our place to happen this year. Please think and pray with me that God may provide finance to successfully run the school. We need your love and support in sending teams to help students grow more in faith. Kindly put these months in your note and make possible ways to the school of Ministry. It is the vision that God has given and I am praying that it would be accomplished through Him.
Please continue to write to me. What do you think of my request letter to Darren. let me know. Hope to hear from you.
Yours prayerfully
Pastor Samuel
Dear blessed man of God  Darren,

Praise the Lord Greetings in Jesus precious name. This is Pastor. Ch. S. SAMUEL from GOOD SHEPHERD COMPASSION MINISTRIES., INDIA. I Praise God for your information that I have found in your website. your we blink had been forwarded by Dr. Jorge Parrott CMM and Morning Star Fellowship. I have read your 14 lessons that was enclosed to my email. The practical issues you have discovered about  WHO IS GOD, WHO IS MAN, WHAT IS MAN AND ABOUT MESSIAH, all the issues have touched me a lot and I could learn some thing out of lessons. I know that God has given you great anointing and praise God for the material of Discipleship and foundational doctrines for the Christian faith. These are all the information that I found about you and when I see this information I am touched by it.


We are doing Christ centered ministry planting churches, taking care of Orphans and Training Bible students. Recently we have given graduation to 40 Bible students. We are starting new academic year of Bible school in month of October 2011 and school continues  for 5 months (October – February).  Moreover when I have seen yourbio information and the work you are doing, I just got an inspiration to ask you if you can come to India to join with us as we are training Students and Pastors and extension of God's kingdom. As you have some objects for ministry we do have some similarities of equipping sings with Father heart for the vast expansion of God's kingdom and to strengthen the body of Christ. It is my vision to work among Tribal areas and my wife and I have committed for this work and doing help the people in the tribal area. So this morning we both have read of your information and prayerfully mentioning that the invitation is open to you. If God allows you we would like to use you in our Ministry to visit Tribal people and speaks unto them. Especially to teach subject of Discipleship in our School.  Please let me know your thoughts on my request. Kindly write to me. If God brings you to India that will be great blessing for our region. Kindly think about and let me know. My email address is:  Please let me know your thoughts on my request. Kindly write to me. I am connected with Morning Star fellowship Ministries to Pastor David White and Dr. Jorge Parrot. I will prayerfully await for your blessed answer. know that I would like to have your fellowship to our ministry. Please write to me and encourage us through your writings. Thank you.


PS May I get some books that you wrote for my personal edification?  


Yours in Christ Jesus

Pastor Sudarsanam Samuel
Good Shepherd Compassion Ministries
Gandepalli- 533 297
East Godavari District

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