India: Persecution from hindus won't stop Worship-Now ready to worship the Lord along the road side...


Dr.Jorge and CMM family,

   How are you? Hope you got all my e-mails with the updates of the situation here that we are going through.

         Till now, we have not found any place nor room to worship the Lord. Still we are trying to find a proper room or house to worship the Lord. If don't get it, we are ready to pitch a tent(if don't have any oppositions nor hinderances from the anti-Christian community)or without any tent somewhere along the road side, we want to conduct the Good Friday meeting and Easter and all other worship services till we the church building is completed. Of courese it is summer season. The weather is very hot now.

    We are very much challenged now. Our enemy has been attacking many areas through people and circumstances.

     Please continue to pray that our believers will have courage and bravity to stand in their faith in spite of all these challenges and discomforts.

               Thank you so much for all your prayers and  support for the mission in India.

          We deeply appreciate you so much. Love and regards to you and sister Anna Marie from Yori and all the boys in the Home.
      with a lots of Love,

          In His field,
           your brother and sister in Christ,


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