Enjoying God...Strategically by Jorge Parrott


Enjoying God….Strategically

By Jorge Parrott


Our deployment on earth is to enjoy God and overcome as we are trained to reign. The joy of the Lord is our strength. Heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force. Violence requires strength in order to win. God sits in Heaven and laughs. God's ways calls for worshipers and priests leading the way into battle. God also has armies of angels, some really big ones at times, who can slay an evil horde in one night. He has us as foot soldiers, generals, teachers, cooks, and logistical dispatchers to fuel, equip, and encourage the army of God worldwide who is waking up for the epic battles ahead.


How can laughter, praise, and joy unspeakable be weapons for war?  Of course God gives us all the tools and weapons we need to win.  He knows we will have the victory but his heart is for what we will learn as we fight. What does walking in the fullness of joy mean for the downtrodden, in debt, depressed, maligned and misunderstood? Lord, increase our understanding and discerning of these times. As we carry the burdens for the nations, as Isaachar, we trust and believe we are receiving the prophetic instructions and vital discernment to accelerate the advancement of the Kingdom like never before.


Jesus called twelve rag tag men to change the world. He later called you and me.  God's Special Forces often are rejects, or at best, unrecognizable to the eye of man. Jesus put out some 'feelers' and 'hooks' to see who would answer and obey. We know his words pierce our hearts but obviously, some hearts were and are hardened or asleep. Some may have overlooked his words as irrelevant or even 'off the wall.'  Were those who answered the call to follow Jesus his first choice?


When I was called to go on my first mission trips to the far north of the Philippines, I said to my friend Michael Correll, who was too ill from Lou Gehrig's disease to travel and died within nine months, "Who am I? I am not qualified, trained as a speaker, or ordained." He said, "God is looking for available hearts." God ordains many before time began and we must inform these who hunger for love and truth of their 'divino destino', or divine destiny.  


Within two weeks my life was changed radically and forever. A wonderful friend of ours, a doctor, was the designated leader to succeed Michael as President of CMM, (Christ's Mandate for Missions, now part of MorningStar), and after Michael saw how messed up I was on that first trip he knew I was the one God called to lead after his passing. My friends and even my family at times thought I was off the wall. I would rather be off the wall with Jesus than on the wall with the riches of this world.


As the hungry have always become enthralled with this Jesus, who healed them all, who walked on water, who fed the five thousand, and did countless things of which this world can't contain the accounts of all he did, their faith was ignited and released to 'speak to those things which are not as though they were.'  Their everyday lives became a life of the supernatural.  The supernatural tapping of that bottomless well has gotten a multitude of everyday people addicted to this glory that is sweeping over the earth.


The normal Christian life is very anti-normal, and the fruit that is real lasts forever. Miracles, signs and wonders, prophetic revelation, and wisdom and all that is of the Lord are our only hope.  Divine war strategies from the throne room are always surprising, unconventional, and perceptions in man's eyes from various vantage points will differ with some even denying what is happening right before their eyes. We must learn to see and listen to the Spirit the way our Captain of the host of the army leads us in to new battles with new spiritual and practical technologies we will pursue, overtake and recover all,


So much is happening around the world that does not get reported.   MorningStar/CMM Missions Global is made up of many diverse artists, business people, revivalists, mobilizers, and intercessors that it may appear to many there is not much happening. We need to study some of the tactics of the enemy of our soul to see how better to strategize while never losing focus on Jesus, the Christ. (Matt 5:33)  Advance warfare tactics require the study of war.  We can learn much in the spiritual from the practical deployment of war plans that led to victory in past battles.  Examine the life of Rhees Howells in WW2.  Also, just as great advancements in radar have occurred, so too, advancements in prayer strategies and intercession along with all manner of warfare are waiting to be discovered for the advanced weaponry the enemy is using. We need to lead the way in an offensive posture, not just react and respond. Proactive deployment fights swift and hard and fights to win.


There is much still to do for sure, but much freedom and grace is allowed here, (in this MorningStar Global Prophetic Community). This army is fueled on genuine fellowship, hunger for the Lord and his ways, and organic relationships on fire in this neural network of the wakening Body.  Around the world this army is advancing the kingdom as we enjoy God. We are at work in many surprising and stealth ways. We are learning how to better connect, formulate, and align this global army of the prophetic for linkage, intel sharing, and advancement.


This army is called to be the creative children of royalty we are called to be. Much is being done as hearts are knit together through this prophetic movement led by Rick Joyner, based on organic, relational, and intentional formations of strategies, tools, prayer foci, prophetic training through CSCL, MSU, CMM, MFM, KBA, Special Forces, round tables, faith courses, and conferences, and more, all being released into the nations.   Stay alert. You never know where we may turn up next in a nation and city near you. 


Enjoy God daily in your march to victory for it is a vital key to the greatest victory of all time. Laugh at the enemy. Like Smith Wigglesworth said one night while sleeping he was awakened to an evil presence in the room. He awoke, rolled over, and said, (to a demonic presence), "Oh, it's you, and went back to sleep." Jesus showed us on that stormy night on the Sea of Galilee how we can sleep and be at peace in the midst of the storm. "Peace be still." Let us speak corporately to the storms in individuals' lives, jobs, businesses, and ministries. We are the 'peace speakers.'



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