Haiti Review and Updates--Looking Ahead With Thanksgiving


Thank you for praying for Pastor Vincent and the work to rebuild Haiti.

We thank God for your great generosity and prayers.

Here is a report and links for updates on the work in Haiti.
Many spot reports of Haiti:
Vincent's web site is http://haiti.cmmissions.net
Photos from Haiti recently.
Main CMM site with more updates:
Special forces on Facebook.
  • We have had 15 teams go to Haiti since the earthquake to offer assistance to Pastor Astrel Vincent, MFM/CMM member, who has been a friend for 10 years of Jorge Parrott, director of MorningStar Missions. CMM merged into MorningStar in 2009.
  • Vincent has a school that was built for 2,000 and after the quake he had 2,000 people living in the school for several months because it was relatively undamaged and was made with steel beams.  The cement block homes and buildings in his area suffered much damage.
  • Vincent is an orphan himself and understands well the plight of the orphans.
  • For many weeks Vincent was feeding 1-2,000 people a day, sometimes miraculously,by faith, and much generosity.
  • Vincent has about 300 pastors under his care.He held the first pastor's conference we know of in Haiti just two weeks after the earthquake.  A pastors conference is taking place the last week of April.
  • The perimeter wall of the approximately 3 acre compound suffered serious damage and increased security risks.
  • The front wall has been repaired, see photos.
  • Vincent's house suffered some cracks in foundation and his family and workers and they all sleep in tents in his backyard until safety can be assured.
  • The rear wall is next to be repaired and will cost about $10,000. 
  • He has a school and church and now, a clinic in Cite Soleil. About 50-100 seek medical care daily.
  • Dr. Benjamin, who works daily in the compound with Vincent, lost his mother, wife, all his children, and his home in the earthquake. He is very humble and a great servant.
  • We need $800 per month for three months to help pay the Dr. and nurse, until a well known major organization will pick up that cost.
  • MorningStar has raised and sent 100% of funds totaling about $71,000.00 to date. Several million dollars in donated items such as medicines, food, a water filtration plant, a generator, and more has been donated so far.
  • A British non profit has agreed to fund $100,000 in constructing one of the new school buildings
  • A new large toilet building has been completed to help the 1,000 or so still living in the compound.
  • A Charlotte based group is constructing a new sports area and basketball court.
  • Vincent has his own form of social security in existence since before the earthquake, where he gives neglected seniors food, medicine, and a doctors visit once a month.
  • Special Forces teams of 34 will visit in May to help with youth conferences and bless Vincent and his people.
  • Jorge and Anna Parrott visit May 3-8th to meet with Vincent's pastors and teachers, Haiti intercessors network, pray, and connect with leaders and ministries to help with further rebuilding of Haiti, seeking to bring more unity in the Body of Believers and strategically plan future efforts.
  • A cargo container is leaving soon from MorningStar in Fort Mill filled with medical equipment, tents, clothes, school equipment, sports equipment, and more to reach Pastor Vincent's compound in mid to late May.
 You can help us reach and love the future in Haiti.

Sow a seed and 100% will reach the victims. CMM/MorningStar 375 Star Light Dr. Fort Mill, SC 29715. Write Haiti on your memo line.


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