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Dear Jorge Parrott,

As members and friends of The Oak Initiative, we want to make you aware of an urgent call to action in the U.S. State of Georgia as well as interventional prayer for the Body of Christ world-wide. This standard could be raised in every state and country and have great impact on Roe-v-Wade.

Please read the following letter from Dean Nelson, Executive Director, Network of Politically Active Christians. We ask that you respond in any manner you are able - be it prayer, phone calls, and forwarding to your friends for the same.

In His Service,

The Oak Initiative

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Contact the Georgia Speaker of the House, David Ralston, (404) 656-5020 – office

One of our generation's most important pro-life bills is being held in committee by a Republican Speaker of the House. Georgia's Senate Bill 529 is a simple bill that protects a woman from being forced to have an abortion against her will and prohibits the use of abortion as a means of race or gender discrimination. It was passed by Georgia Senate with overwhelming support and is now being held up in the House Judiciary committee after a hearing last Tuesday. Georgia Rep. Wendell Willard is the chairman of the committee.

This has quickly become a national issue. Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion providers have acknowledged that SB529 will change the practice of abortion in America. They are trying everything to defeat it because they believe it could be used to challenge Roe v Wade in the courts. To that end pro-abortion forces have brought national pressure and resources to Georgia to fight against the passage of SB 529. We must show them that we are ready to fight back!

Many national pro-life leaders have been asked to contact Speaker Ralston as well as encourage pro-life citizens with in their respective networks to call Speaker Ralston's office and pray for this bill's passage. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has made an appeal to have this bill passed out of committee and sent to the house floor for a vote. (You can hear Gov. Huckabee's phone call here.)

The campaign for this legislation represents an incredible success. A broad based coalition comprised of social conservative groups like Georgia Right to Life, and civil rights organizations like Georgia Chapter of the NAACP, and Georgia Chapter of the SCLC have come together in support of this bill. This unified coalition recognizing the use of abortion for race and gender discrimination has abortion advocates terrified!

It is important that you call your Georgia State Representative's Capitol office today and ask him or her to encourage House Leadership to move SB 529 out of the committee and to the floor of the House for a vote. Some of the best pro-life attorneys in the nation have helped craft the language of SB 529 and it is very important that the bill pass the Georgia House with NO amendments to be voted on as was in the Senate.

If you live in Georgia, we are asking you to please contact your Georgia State Representative today to urge them to support SB 529.

If you don't know your Georgia Representative, please go to to get his or her phone number. With time running out on the 2010 legislative session, you must contact your Georgia State Representative as soon as possible. If you live outside Georgia please contact Speaker Ralston urge him to get this bill out of the Judiciary committee now! Also, let anyone you may know in Georgia to support this bill by contacting his state representative. We have a great opportunity to serve the cause of life nationwide. Please get involved today in helping pass SB 529.

Thanks for making a difference!

Dean Nelson
Executive Director
Network of Politically Active Christians

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{At this time the Oak Initiative is not endorsing any candidate on the Federal, State, or Local levels. No candidate endorsement forms are to be passed out at any Oak Initiative meetings. Just like Right to Life, Michigan Family Forum, or any other Christian group, our purpose is not to endorse candidates. Instead, it is to inform people about issues and candidates.}


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