REVIVALPOST from TAHITI (March-April 2010)

"Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you" (Is. 60:1)
Edualdo, Aline, Kori, Erika, Silvio & Benji Cicero
French Polynesia (South Pacific)
March - April 2010
Dear friends & partners,

Since January there has been a lot of hurricanes that have come and gone to French Polynesia. The strongest hit the nation on February 4th, 2010, and was called "OLI". A lot of homes were destroyed but we thank God that just very few people were injured. The hurricane season is over now but was it ushering a whirlwind of changes for us in French Polynesia? Could very well be folks!!

Oli was dancing over French Polynesia... the winds of change have come!!!
Below are some of the major events that have happened recently.

Marama Night
This youth event was held for the very first time in the district of Papeari (about 35 miles away from Papeete where it usually happens) on March 27th. It gathered so many people that the owner of the restaurant that authorized us to have it in her parking lot was herself blown away by the impact it had on the local youth and the clients. In fact, we took the opportunity of having a group from Bethel (Supernatural School of Ministry, Redding, California) to help us with reaching out to the people and praying over the lives of many who experienced healing and personal breakthroughs. I'm really impressed with the increasing quality of performance of the local music bands and dance groups that are taking part to this event.

Homeless Ministry
On Good Friday (April 2nd), we helped with the distribution of meals and clothing to the homeless population of Papeete and the surroundings (which has increased drastically with the economic crisis hitting us here too). We have now done that since 2008 and we bless God for the increasing participation of volunteers from different fellowships that have contributed to the success of that day. It was also an opportunity to share the Gospel of the Kingdom and challenge people to come to know Jesus with a demonstration of His healing and liberating power over sickness and torment. Over 200 meals were served this time. We thank the Lord for sister Frida who is the initiator and the coordinator of this ministry under the covering of Vision of the Harvest.

Healing Rooms
We continue with this special ministry on the first Saturday of each  month. It has blessed many people and we always witness healings. We covet your prayers to see even greater breakthroughs over certains diseases that are recurring in Polynesia such as diabetes, lung conditions (like asthma), cancers (breast, lungs, blood, etc.), and cardio-vascular problems (due to obesity and poor diet).

BENNY PRASAD IN TAHITI (March - April 2010) Benny came back to Tahiti for the 2nd time on March 27th. He was actually on his way to Pitcairn and we had the privilege to have him share his God given talent with his amazing guitar which he designed himself. From an abused child with a totally low self esteem in India, Benny has come a long way to know the redeeming love of Christ that turned him into a son of the living God of Heaven and a witness of Jesus wherever he goes. This year, he will have fulfilled the mandate God gave him to go to every nation of the world by 2010. His passion for Jesus opened up borders and hearts to listen to a message of hope and salvation that few have had the privilege to carry even to the remotest places on earth (including Antarctica!!!).

His music is the door opener to many lives and we put it to work in Tahiti as he not only shared in two churches (on his way in and on his way out of the country) but also during an open air concert that we organized in downtown Papeete at the central town square where many people stroll around and go for dinner at the well known "roulottes" (restaurants on wheels) parked nearby. Aline was able to introduce him to the local prison for women. The inmates were not only touched to hear his testimony and his music but also felt so honored that such an artist would come to play for them. The prison director and some of the staff in attendance had only appreciative comments. Thank you Benny!

PATRICK FONTAINE IN TAHITI (April 3rd to April 11th)
Former punk gang leader and heavy drugs addict in France, Patrick Fontaine was a total mess bent on destruction, violence and hatred. Jesus Christ took a hold of his life in 1983 and he became a pastor for 20 years. Patrick has been used powerfully in different denominational settings (Catholics, Protestants, Evangelicals, Pentecostals). God has performed many healings and miracles through his ministry. He is invited to many nations and all over France to share about the message God has given him for the last days that brings a very fresh understanding of the Kingdom of God and the major call to Reformation that is over the Body of Christ. He is married to Lydia and they have 3 children.
The visit of Patrick and his family (along with some of his friends) was the God given opportunity to have the following special gatherings that impacted many lives.

Hearts Ablaze: For Extreme Folks
We had and extreme worship experience at a hotel conference room on Sunday evening (April 4th) in Tahiti that was a highlight for youth and not so young folks who came to be part of an extravagant demonstration of passion for Jesus. Torea and Teresa Manjard led the worship time and released people into dancing and powerful declarations with a prophetic edge of the Holy Spirit. Patrick shared a message that moved us into the dimension of the major Reformation of our hearts to be able to embrace the coming move of His Spirit in His Church, the one He is building Himself apart from any tradition of men. Please pray for our next Hearts Ablaze event, its timing, and for an ever increasing impact over the people attending it.

Easter Gathering
Easter Monday (April 5th) was the opportunity for a large gathering of believers and friends to a conference center in Punaauia (a few miles away from Papeete). There we celebrated Easter with more emphasis from Patrick Fontaine on the worldwide Reformation that's coming upon the Body of Christ and a time of deep repentance, tearing our hearts before the Lord for the things that have caused us not to be as fruitful as He had planned for us all along. The youth was also able to share testimonies of what Jesus has begun to impact them with and how they have felt so challenged to become all that God has for them to be in this world.

Spiritual Retreat "The Gospel of the Kingdom"
From Friday April 9th to Sunday April 11th we experienced a very intense but liberating experience as we sat under the teaching of Patrick Fontaine. A great revelation was brought home to many believers with the very resounding verse of Genesis 28:17 by Jacob (son of Isaac): "How awesome is this place! This is none other than the house of God; this is the gate of Heaven". It meant that we who believe in Jesus are that "awesome place", "the house of God" and "the gate of Heaven"!!! We have an open heaven over our lives and the angels of God are moved by our faith (not necessarily a huge one) as we take a stand to fulfil that which we have been called to be and do in His name, i.e. heal the sick, give sight to the blind, cast out demons, go to the lost, become the Good News, heal the broken hearted, etc. and thus become light to the world and salt of the earth...

Many people got healed and of course, the Church was challenged to really seek the Kingdom of God and become a place for people to be empowered and released into their calling.

A BIBLE CLASS FOR WOMEN : "Women of the World" (WOW)
We just started this month of April an ISOM (International School of Ministry) class for women. This class features women ministering the Word of God (Bobbie Houston, Cheryl Salem, Darlene Zschech, Gloria Copeland, Joyce Meyer, Lisa Bevere, Marilyn Hickey, etc.) to encourage, equip and mobilize the daughters of God in the world. Aline is the class coordinator and she enjoys leading every Saturday morning this group of women that have a real passion for the Lord and for His Kingdom to be manifested in their personal lives and around them.

This class will be a seedbed of glorious blessings, healings, and breakthroughs of all kinds that will ignite their passion for Jesus. It was stunning to be present to just one of their meetings and see the great potential there is there for God to show up and turn them into living torches of the Kingdom! More on this one later!! Stay tuned...

Those young folks who want to be totally messed up by the Holy Spirit, you may wanna consider this: 
- the many physical healings during the "Kingdom of God" retreat in Papeari;
- the blessing of having a variety of ministries coming to our nation;
- the increasing impact of the Holy Spirit over the various events that were held this year;
- the times of refreshing that are coming over the Body of Christ;
- the greater sense of unity, purpose and renewal among believers;
- Aline's amazing opportunity to teach English at the local prison (men & women);
- the beginning of a breakthrough in many areas (healings, favor, boldness, expectations, angelic activity, etc.).
- continued hunger and a seeking of His face in our personal lives;
- a good heart connection with our teenage boys and a drawing of their hearts toward the Lord;
- protection and provision over our lives and our girls (Kori & Erika) who are studying overseas (France & USA);
- the planning of events coming up for the rest of the year;
- an increased impartation over our lives to fulfil God's will for us;
- the strategies that are needed to bring impact and transformation in the land;
- for God to bring those ministries that are strategically needed to bless our nation.
Let us know how we can pray for you. Send your requests to !!
His love endures for ever!
Edualdo & Aline Cicero
BP 40394 Fare Tony
98713 Papeete - TAHITI

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