This is a time for refreshing and resting...

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Monday, October 17, 2005

This is a time for refreshing and resting...
God is teaching many to really rest in Him these days. Many are in transition, feeling confused, or left out. Many are wondering what it all means to be working and working, not having things go the way we want them to go. God has a better way, always. His peace is what overcomes the enemy. He gives us that peace, if we want it. Paul said in Philippians, that he had learned in whatever state he was in to abound, whether in lack, or in abundance. God's abounding peace overshadows our circumstances, making them really, temporary light afflictions.We are being groomed, prepped, ground down, like a finely honed piece of silver, to be His instrument, His tool for transformation. He is helping us to see the way He sees, if we but rest, quiet the mind, meditate on His characteristics, His purposes.This day can be a day of rest, by re-focusing our attention, on those things eternal, invisible, and real. Phil 4:11-13
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This is a time for refreshing and resting...
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