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Meet the UPS Driver---CMM Mall Savings Update--Save Gas! Help Us With The Great Commission
CMM staff volunteers
Jul 25, 2006

Dear Friend of CMM,

We thank you for allowing us to be your missions connection.
Wow! What a busy summer. We trust you are blessed and that you drawing closer to God and your family, all by His grace. Here is a brief testimony from a pastor who just got back with a team from Mexico City.   Pray for more churches to have CMM plan their mission trips, or should I say, adventures in God
For all your travel needs, sports tickets, concerts, flowers, etc. go to www.opendoorstravel.com and join the many individuals and groups who are saving money and helping us with the Great Commission. 
We have plenty of missionaries, faithful and true, just waiting to receive new friends from the states and have their hearts knit together.
Visit www.cmmissions.net and click on missionaries to read all about them.  Click on news tab at the top for recent updates.
We hope you like our mall, let us know if you do not want to receive these notices and, on the other hand, feel free to email them on to your friends and family, as a way to help bless CMM and our wonderful missionaries, around the world. 
Notes from a mission team that went to Mexico City late June 2006. 
The street ministry was awesome.  We went out 30 minutes ahead of time and gave out tracts and invited the peo ple.  The Americans would speak in Spanish to tell them Jesus loved them and then the Mexicans would give them the information and then the Americans would bless them. 
Rough neighborhoods but were truly were never scared, only thrilled to be able to minister and be welcomed.  The people there were extremely welcoming, not like in the states where they shut the doors in your face.  We painted kids faces (that didn't seem to be a big deal to the kidz) and we made balloon animals for the kidz (that was a great blessing to them).  We did those 2 activities while the setup was going on.  We would continue that thru the welcome and praise & worship times.  The praise and worship was awesome. Our band would play in English th en their band/singers would join and sing in spanish.  That was truly awesome and very enjoyable to us and the crowd.  The music was defintely a universal language as were the smiles and hugs. 
Then we would do a drama (Do you know this man?).  I would start with a welcoming of we were going to do a drama based on the Bible and a very important and special man.  Then I would end with very emphasized "Do you know this man"?  One of our drama team would come running up and say, "I know this man" and give their 1st person testimony about who Jesus was to them.  (Like the woman with the issue of blood, the blind man, the lame man).  We did 4 of those testimonies.  Then I would come back and finish with "Oh yes, I know this man" and give my personal testimony and a salvation call. 
The first night, I think it was 13 that were saved, the 2nd night, 27.  There was a drug addict (lady) the 2nd night who was saved.  The drama was an awesome way to minister (from the Lord).  The Mexican team were great with praying and getting the information from the people who were saved so they could follow up.  Next time, we'll have more dramas ready.  We really didn't know what to expect this time and felt a little ill-prepared.  God gave us that the day of the 1st street ministry and we repeated it in a different neigborhood the 2nd night.  So, next time, we'll have many more dramas to use on the street.  I had felt like it was more meanin gful not to preach on the street (just from me) but it was more meaningful for them to hear from all of the Americans.  It made relationships and praying for people much easier and meaningfull.
July, 2006
Hi Christ's Mandate For Missions Supporter,

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