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Pakistan Outreach--Heart of God on Pakistan, India, Mideast
CMM Newsdesk and CMM Revivalist Ayub in Pakistan
Jul 15, 2006



Cuba, Bolivia, Dom. Rep., Ghana, Guatemala, India, Israel, Mexico, Nigeria, Philippines, Spain, Thailand & wheresoever He leads.

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CMM is strategically positioned and called to bring transformation to the individual, community, and nation.We offer individuals, churches, and groups the opportunity to expand their world view, unveil their destiny with greater clarity and impact nations with the love of God.You can help with humanitarian aid, spiritual aid, training, education, medical empowerment, etc. Come, join us, or send someone ready and willing to go where needed. 

CMM has proven, trusted workers/pastors/community leaders in place and others ready to travel to foreign nations for dealing with the rapid changes of this age. Come, join us and help us make a difference, one on one, face to face!


     Be blessed by this report from Pakistan.

     Not much that you read in the mainstream media represents the whole picture of what is happening in the Kingdom of God. Warfare is intensifying, both in the physical and in the spiritual. 

     Here is a glimpse of what God is doing in Pakistan. Your prayers are reaching the throne of God. Continue to press in intercession, travailing, and crying for God's will to be done.  Pray for Israel, India, and Pakistan. 

     Pray for our troops, they need and deserve your support. Pray for CMM missionaries.

     Do you need help praying specifically for missionaries?

     Visit www.cmmissions.net for more on these nations.

CMM is blessed around the world to have mighty intercessors battling around the clock.  

     We need your prayers, as in many nations, our faithul missionaries and friends of God are on the frontlines, with nationals fighting for the cause of Christ.

     CMM is called to train, equip, release and support nationals, who speak the language, drink the water, understand the culture, and have their hearts tuned to the heart of the Father to reach their nations.

     We invite you to visit us in Charlotte and see what CMM is all about.

Join us on a great adventure in God, reaching the nations. Join us on a trip, or let us help plan one for your church or group, or send someone who is called and waiting for the opportunity to go.  This is no time for fear, except for the fear of the Lord.  CMM has many who are ready to run to the battle anywhere in the world, all to reach one more soul who is equally as precious to Father God.

     If you want to help send ready warriors or to support national pastors/workers build the Church, send in your gift to CMM PO 7705 Charlotte, NC 28241 or go to partnerwithCMMmakeSECUREonlinegift to make a secure online donation.

(100% goes to ministry)

     This report is from our man in Pakistan. Pray for Ayub and his family. We have done only minor editing to retain the 'flavor' and excitement of what is happening.


Dear Partners in the Lord's work. by Ayub, friend of God.


On dated; 7-8th July, 2006
REV AYUB xxxx(name withheld to protect him and his family).



1: first days of event 600 peoples come into the meeting hall.. All
peoples see the power of God & his glory in the worship session through
miracles and also through preaching. In the session of worship people were doing dance and jumping to the Lord. We see Holy Spirit harving, moving in the hall. praise the Lord for wonderful day.

2: Second days of meeting 700 peoples come into the church hall. This
day were so more blessful. Hundred peoples see with their eyes to God's
harving in hall through dancing, sining songs, jumping, through miracles.
Hall was full with peoples and they all WELCOME TO LORD IN HALL WITH
BIG HANDS. Praise God for his presence in the hall.

Many many miracles become in the name of Jesus Christ, our savior.
Read the some important miracles which become in the name of Jesus

1:One man come into the meeting. When I enter the hall I saw that he is
lay down on Church carpet .he was not able to stand on his foot, because he
has kidney problems from  2 years. His kidney system has been failed and
also he has burning in his hands .during the worship and praying he stand on
his foot .He  testifies too peoples.

2: One woman who has heart and breathing problems from many months. She is
healed in the name of Jesus Christ.

3: Another young woman she has pain in his all body pain from some
month. She is released from this pain.

4: An old man she has pain in his backbone. She is healed from pain.

5:One little boy, his age, 7 years old . He has boil in his backbone.
We ask his mother. She told that the boil was from his birth.All people glory to God

and big hands (applause) when we say that boil has been gone in the
name of Jesus Christ.

6: One women come on the stage , she say I feel allergy in my body from
4th months. She was released and filled with Holy Sprit Baptism.

7: One women released from knee problems.

8: One young girl she has jaundice from 6 months. She  released in the
name of Jesus Christ.

9: Heal from leg pain and arm problems.

10: A young women has chest pain from 2 years. She is released from

11: very old pain in legs finished in name of Jesus Christ.

12: Have headache pain finished in the name of Jesus Christ.

15: 15 peoples filled by the Holy Sprit Baptism.

16: One little girl released from demons.

300 people accept the Jesus Christ their savior.

Praising God for all miracles which become in the name of Jesus Christ.

Lots of others miracles we see during the meetings.

Please send the these testimonies to others through your web site so
that peoples can known about our ministry work in Pakistan.


For further information please contact us.

Rev Ayub xxxx(name withheld to protect him and his family)

Director and  Chairman
Christ’s Mandate Church-Pakistan



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