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Equipping Missionaries From Guatemala To The Nations!
Clifford Grant and Jorge Parrott
Aug 15, 2006


Cuba, Bolivia, Dom. Rep., Ghana, Guatemala, India, Israel, Mexico, Nigeria, Philippines, Spain, Thailand & wheresoever He leads.

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CMM is strategically positioned and called to bring transformation to the individual, community, and nation.We offer individuals, churches, and groups the opportunity to expand their world view, unveil their destiny with greater clarity and impact nations with the love of God.You can help with humanitarian aid, spiritual aid, training, education, medical empowerment, etc. Come, join us, or send  someone ready and willing to go where needed. 

CMM has proven, trusted workers/pastors/community leaders in place and others ready to travel to foreign nations for dealing with the rapid changes of this age. Come, join us and help us make a difference, one on one, face to face!

Greetings CMM friends,

Many of our friends and partners are unaware of all that God has CMM doing around the world. Often, we are busy in our daily tasks and don't have the time or take the time to inform our folks of many of our activities. We give God the glory for all that He guides us in, by His mer cy and grace. Here is an update on one aspect of our partnering with like-minded hearts in Guatemala, to train, equip, and release native missionaries and help them fulfill the vision the Lord has given them.  Many tell us CMM is good soil, with much fruit. Will you pray for national workers and missionaries in many lands to be properly trained and grounded in the Word? We need teams and financial partners to be able to go and visit the nations to help impart the Father's heart. We are blessed to have Clifford and Sunny Grant in Guatemala for over 22 years patiently teaching, sharing, and imparting God's love to many, many people.

(Praise God the land in Tactic is now paid!  We ask you to pray now for Arnoldo's church in Coban.  This church has undergone 3-4 expansions and many construction teams visiting to build a solid House for the Lord. The price for the church structure and the land it sets on is only $5,000.00.  We believ e that many lives will be ministered to and souls saved and delivered in the years ahead).

Did you know that about 6 years ago CMM partnered with a group here in Guatemala called AME to print training manuals, teach, equip, and release into missions dedicated servants who are native Guatemalans called into missions?  Clifford was part of that first team of teachers and still is.

From generous donations of a dear friend of the ministry, CMM had printed hundreds of books on three levels of instruction and since then many Guatemalans have adventured out in God in Ghana, Morocco, Cuba, the Sudan and other places too. 

You see, Guatemalans can go many places where American Missionaries are not allowed or welcome. For much less than it costs to send an American Missionary, Guatemalans can go and preach the Gospel.  Now, that is MULTIPLICATION!  For the price of one US Missionary, 4 or 5 Guatemalan missionaries can be sent out for one year or more!

At the present time, all the books CMM helped pay for have been used and sent out to the fields.  We need to update the books and print 500 more.  I have been teaching these classes for almost 6 years and word is spreading throughout Guatemala about this available teaching, sending, and support network through AME/CMM. WIll you pray about helping us in the days ahead? We need about $2,000. to update and print these books.

When Jorge and Fredy and I sat down at a McDonald's 6 years ago and God gave us the vision to draw out on a napkin, the vision of reaching the nations with Guatemalans through sound training, consistent with the CMM vision of preparing the messenger as well as the Message, we all had no idea of the response. That first year over 300 signed up to enter the training.  We were overwhelmed once more by God's presence in so many lives willing to go to the nations.

In the years ahead we see the Lord using, training, and equipping many more nationals in many nations to be sent out to the nations, including the US to reach the lost, for every soul is precious.

Bless you as you pray. May God lead you into all His fullness by His amazing Grace!

Clifford Grant and Jorge Parrott

Mail your gifts to CMM PO 7705 Charlotte, NC 28241 mark your memo line CMM/AME BOOKS

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August, 2006

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