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Making A Difference--One Life At A Time--Eternally
CMM Staff Volunteers
Sep 11, 2006

Greetings CMM Friend,

We thank thank you for your prayers for our precious missionaries, volunteers adn staff here and around the globe.  Please check our website at www.cmmissions.net for updates and field reports.   

 **Please visit the CMM mall at the bottom of this email. It has almost 1,000 stores and a portion of each sale goes to help CMM and the Great Commission.

We have two trips coming up in November: one to CMMP(Philippines) and one to India to lead a medical team to give care to 50,000 Indians who can not afford care and to the CMM Hospital, School, Church compound in Bahraich.   Other teams are planned to India in January and also in March.  A trip to Cuba was postponed frmo October to January. Peter Wyns will lead a tour to Israel in late February. Make your plans now. 

Here is an urgent prayer request from Clifford Grant, serving in Coban, Guatemala.

Our dear friend and Pastor Mario of the Nueva Esperanza Church has suffered a mild stroke. It seems he is paralyzed on his side and left arm. He needs your prayers. At this time his church has become very active and are involved in the start of a construction program. We need him on his f eet. SOS any extra offering might send would be greatly appreciated by him as he has already spent what he can.
This summer has been a time of continued rapid change, yet God is still on the throne.  Summer is a normally a slow time for churches and missions, so we kindly ask you to pray and seek God about giving a special gift to CMM to help us get back on track after summer. Rising costs of postage, office supplies, gas, equipment, phones, etc. don't go away. These mundane expenses don't sound too exciting but if everyone pitches in we can "be about the Father's business." Your generous gifts are needed to help us stay fit and able to serve our missionaries and donors.  We always appreciate your generous prayers and giving to CMM. We are surely blessed in so many ways. We thank God every day for our wonderful and generous partners.
CMM had an ordination event in Charlotte in August ordaining 5 more wonderful servants of the Lord. CMM is so blessed by the wonderful men and women that God is joining with us.
The Kindles attended the Evangelical Church Alliance and we have several missions conferences coming up, like the one Oct- 5-7th at Morningstar's Harvest Fest, where we have gained many new friends and missions particip ants and key donors.
Jorge and Anna Parrott have a weekly home fellowship every Sunday and they are looking forward to having their oldest son, Orion, come home from his work project in England. Son Matthew is adjusting well and enjoying working at Lucas Arts in San Francisco. Matthew worked on Disney's "Cars" film last year. Son Jonathan is starting a new job nearby in Charlotte at a media duplication company.  Anna is a office administrator at a heating/air conditioning company.
The Parrotts are often hosts to visitors from all over the world. In July a pastor from Cuba stayed with them. Currently, John Ebenezer, from central India is in town. A missionary from Dom. Rep. will be staying with the Parrotts in Oct. Pray for the Parrotts and their busy house. Many have called it a house o f bread, where many are fed and many are welcomed.  
Peter Wyns is busy finishing up his new book on Revelations, due out by Christmas. Peter and Joy are in Florida this week and are gearing up for a busy fall teaching schedule.
Charles and Jackie Kindle will be traveling to Indiana the first of Oct. to share with a church going to Guatemala in January. We need extra funds to cover the registration, travel, and lodging expenses connected when we send a CMM representative to one of these "road shows".  Thank you again for helping us "get the word out" about what God is doing in CMM and through CMM. 
We give God the glory for all He is doing and we invite you to visit us when in the Charlotte area. Let us all be expecting supernatural things daily as God made us to be supernatural children of the Father. 
Mail in your seed to CMM PO 7705 Charlotte, NC 28241. 
PS: We have helped drill three bore wells in central India in the last year giving three villages of 5-6000  people each,  fresh, clean, safe water.  These wells cost around $650-$700. 


September 11, 2006
Hi Christ's Mandate For Missions Supporter,
Thank you so much for doing your shopping through our Christ's Mandate For Missions Shopping Mall. You can be sure that every purchase you make helps in our mission to help make the world a better place.
We're sh aring two ways from the 101 Ways to Change the World series on how you can impact your community and the world. We know most people want to make a difference with their lives - they're just not sure how to do it.
  1. Enlist the help of neighborhood kids to clean up your neighborhood, or some other place, by offering to chauffeur them somewhere they want to go as their reward.
  2. Do you have a pool in your backyard? Offer to host a swim party for the neighborhood kids after they spend half a day cleaning up some area.
It's the little things we do everyday that make a difference. One of those little things is shopping on the Christ's Mandate For Missions Mall. We try to feature stores each week that have special sa1es. Isn't it great to know that your everyday purchases will help change the world?
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