CMMR in Liberia forced to flee burning house--please pray

Hi Jasper,
I am so sorry that happened. What a tragedy.  God was watching over you that none in your family were injured.  I am sending this email out to some precious intercessors to be lifting your family up to the God of all mercy and grace.  We will trust God to touch hearts to pray and lift you all up and be led by God for those He calls to give. 
Please keep us posted in the days ahead.  God will work all things together for good for those who are called according to His purpose.
Have you any government agencies or the Red Cross nearby that can help with clothes and food? 
Your brother,
Jasper Gbann <> wrote:
Dear Rev. Jorge Parrott:
On September 10, 2006, at about 5:00 A.M. in the morning, the house that my family and I reside in got burn due to candle light from one of the tenant room.
We only took few things from  the house, while the others lift in the fire, at present my family and I are residing with a christian friend on Carey Street, Monrovia.
We are kindly calling upon CMM, its staffs, board members, leadership, directors or officers, their families and all CMM missionaries and their families, both in the US or abroad to pray for us to resettle to a new resident, after losting almost all we have, but Jesus is lord.
In Christ,
Jasper Peih Gbann, Jr.

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