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Jorge Parrott
Oct 30, 2006


Cuba, Bolivia, Dom. Rep., Ghana, Guatemala, India, Israel, Mexico, Nigeria, Philippines, Spain, Thailand & wheresoever He leads.

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CMM is strategically positioned and called to bring transformation to the individual, community, and nation.We offer individuals, churches, and groups the opportunity to expand their world view, unveil their destiny with greater clarity and impact nations with the love of God.You can help with humanitarian aid, spiritual aid, training, education, medical empowerment, etc. Come, jo in us, or send someone ready and willing to go where needed. 

CMM has proven, trusted workers/pastors/community leaders in place and others ready to travel to foreign nations for dealing with the rapid changes of this age. Come, join us and help us make a difference, one on one, face to face!

Greetings ,
Welcome to your CMM updates. We thank God for each and every one of our partners. Thank you for your generous giving, prayers, words of encouragement for our growing list of CMM revivalists and missionaries around the globe. Jorge and Anna Marie were just in Iowa ten days back for a niece's wedding and had a great time seeing all three of their sons and all Jorge's family, (3 sisters and 2 brothers and their children). Jorge and Anna Marie attended the Hands For Christ board meeting in Roanoke, Va. this last Saturday and had a great meeting. The future is bright for HFC. www.handsforchrist.org

Dr. Rob Kessinger with the KCUCS doctors leaves for India on Nov. 2. Anna Marie leaves Nov. 4th for the Philippines and their 11 anniversary celebration.

We have been so blessed with many visitors to the CMM House in Charlotte. We have had guests from Cuba, Finland, England, Haiti, India, and many folks new to the Charlotte area. We have fellowship meals every Sunday at 1:30 PM and we invite all to come. Office phone is 704-225-3927. 

Very soon CMM will reach the point where almost continually, a team will be out somewhere in the world.

Jorg e has been asked to do a missions program on local free Time Warner Cable channel 21 in Charlotte. One hour weekly programs will begin after January 2007. Our first series will be hour long shows on each of our major nations where CMM has a strong, established presence. Our desire will be to put these shows on DVD for distribution to new churches and ministry friends.  CMM is blessed to have friends and volunteers to assist in the directing and producing and camera person positions.

Praise God, for five years we have been praying for a sonogram machine for the CMM hospital in India and one is on the way. We must never give up nor surrender in our prayers and steadfastness intercession.

**Be sure and visit the almost 1,000 stores in the CMM mall, click here:   CMMmail    


You can help CMM feed thousands of children around the world this Christmas!

As Christmas quickly approaches we remember the familiar smells of the evergreen trees and pumpkin spice, knowing relatives from far away are coming to bring joy, love, and gifts! We all identify with fond Christmas memories. Children in the many nations that CMM serves have not experienced the blessings we have in the US.   These children dream of the wonder we have of Christmas. Really, a hot meal is very rare for most of them. A small toy, pencils, toothbrushes, even a piece of candy, can brighten a life of poverty, hunger, and survival.

This year you have the opportunity to give memories that will not be soon forgotten.   In the nations where CMM has missionaries, children desperately need the physical touch that really makes the Spirit of Christmas take on a lasting meaning – knowing someone cares enough to share God’s Love.   For $6.00 a child, you can give our CMM missionaries effective tools of evangelism through Christmas Meals and Toy Bags for the children in their neighborhoods.   Imagine a young life changed forever.

Hope in the eyes of a child

Make lifelong memories, send a note, or better yet, join us to pass these bags out. Please make copies of this flyer to pass around. Help us feed thousands this year!

$6.00 per child will provide a hot meal. A few dollars more will buy some toys, school supplies and some grain for their family. How many children can you help? All donations need to be in by Nov. 30th.

CMM PO 7705 Charlotte, NC 28241

In Bolivia, Guatemala, Haiti, India and the Philippines we want to reach many families with the love that gives hope. Our CMM missionaries can touch many children and will purchase hot nutritious meals, toys, soap, pencils and much more. Help us share God’s love.

CMM Your Missions Connection - Connecting Destinies Around The World For Christ. Phil. 4:17 “Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that abounds t o your account”.

Are you interested in seeing God multiply your Kingdom dollars?
Pray about partnering with CMM.




Support Needed Monthly:

What will you do?

A Child $35.00
A Doctor $200.00
A Nurse 
A Teacher
A Pastor
Feeding of the Poor
One Time Investments Available:   
A Church  $10,000
A School $65.000
A Clinic $12,000

Join Us And Pray For Our Upcoming CMM Trip. Let Us Plan Your Church's Next Adventure In God

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Hope in the eyes of a child


Building people for Kingdom purposes.

Call CMM to plan your next missions adventure in God.

Building God’s Kingdom, Instructed By The Holy Spirit .

A 501c3 Founded In 1978 In Charlotte, NC

What must you do to go on a CMM missions trip? 
First contact our office at 704-225-3927. 
We will give you all the details and put you in contact with trip leaders.  
We provide train ing, support, encouragement and even sample support letters! Team leader training available.

CMM is the missions connection for many churches across the US and abroad. From roots dating back to Aimee Semple McPherson and Sidney Correll, to the present, God has called CMM to reach the nations by equipping and releasing the national pastors/leaders , who drink the water, speak the language and understand the culture.  

CMM equips and supports (incl. licensing/ordination), national workers in Bolivia, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, India, Israel, Mexico, Spain, Thailand, US, and other places not safe to list. Your prayers and financial investment builds the Kingdom of God, one soul at a time. We have an army ready to go.   Join us.
India November 2-11
Philippines November4-18
Guatemala January 4-18
Cuba January 5-15
India January 27-Feb 10
Israel Feb. 20-March 1
Philippines March 16-26
Ukraine March 22-31
Fuga Island
April 21-May 4
Guatemala June 12-26
Mexico City June 25-July 3
July 5-19
July 7-21
Aug. 2-16




























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