dream last night Oct. 18 2006

October 18, 2006

This dream was long, I remember only parts:

Anna and I were visiting or checking out this beautiful old house high on a hill, overlooking a city.  There was a nice older couple who lived there, who were very wealthy, kind, well traveled, and from another generation, another time.  

We were given a tour of their great home filled with art and artifacts from around the world and heard of many great adventures they had had. They had much wisdom and seemed like they wanted to share it with us and took a real liking to us. We were welcomed into their confidences.

We sat out in the yard on some really beautiful chairs and lounges and talked a long time and discussed many things, including me buying some properties from them. The man said he had 15 properties. This home was really a very private , large estate with horses, cars, lots of land, meadows, trails, and trees. It was very private and peaceful.  

The man and his wife were full of wisdom and I saw him as a wise man, but knew that many saw this couple as either eccentric and un-useful, or even a little nutty. But, he was a godly man and kind and at peace within.

We walked around the estate and at one point I got on a horse and began riding the horse around the estate. He asked me later how I got on that horse, that very few people could ride that horse. I did not know in advance that this horse was hard to ride. I had approached the horse carefully, looking deep in his eyes and took time to know him and for him to know me.  I was able to ride the horse to check out the land and was able to walk slowly while riding and also to run very fast, laughing and having much fun. This horse was dark brown and had a black mane and was very muscular and a fast runner.

It seemed that we were going to get this property, but I don’t remember really discussing this one, just his portfolio of houses. It was like we all assumed this place would be ours.

(Maybe it was as if my wife and I were meeting ourselves as older folks. I am not sure if that was the case or not).

It was a serene dream, removed from this world, and there was peace in this place and on this couple and peace on my wife and I.

We knew it would be great for having meetings,visitors, and entertaining folks in presence of the Holy Spirit.



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