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A Thanksgiving Greeting and Visit The CMM Mall To Help Honor Our Troops
CMM Staff Volunteers
Nov 22, 2006

Untitled Document Greetings Friend of CMM,

May you be blessed with all spiritual blessings this Thanksgiving. May the peace of God, which passes all understanding, fill your heart and your family and home this week. Remember to reach out to someone less fortunate an d to simply share the love of God, with someone on your street or at the grocery store. A smile, a kind word, an offer to pray for someone, may be the only Life that person which God places in your path, sees or experiences in a long time. We encourage you to step out and be a vocal ambassador for Jesus, not judging, but loving, this season.

Ready for change? It seems we are getting more changes whether we want them or not. Our confidence must be in Christ alone. The world and mankind always seems to let us down. But, we have a Kingdom that can not be shaken. Thank God the word says 'we can have peace that passes all understanding.'

We thank God for all your prayers and generous giving to CMM to support our faithful, hard working, much-fruit-bearing missionaries around the world. We truly can not carry on without your faithful partnership. Thousands and thousands of lives have been changed through our God working through precious CMM missionaries, faithful and fr uitful.

Please give to our Christmas Feeding Festival and help us feed 10,000 children next month. We invite you join us in visiting one of the countries where we will be feeding also. Dec.21-23 are the dates. Call 704-225-3927 for more info or to give over the phone. Click here to read more about the Feeding Festival.

Be sure and visit the 2007 trip list, click here. New trips are being formed regularly. Where is God calling you to go? Let's talk.

See how you can bless our brave soldiers serving in the military by visiting the CMM mall, click below.

Our medical team friends at www.kcucs.org are just back from ministering to thousands in India. Click on their link to visit their site and then on the missions tab to read their reports.

Pray for new CMM revivalist Todd Atkins and his partner ministering in China this month with underground pastors. Welcome also new CMM revivalist Willie Mangum, of Charlotte. Go to www.cmmissions.net and click revivalists tab. Pray for Anna Marie Parrott, on her way back from the 11th annual celebration in Laoag City, Philippines, where CMMP has 32 churches and new ones awai ting partners. Jorge Parrott has been invited to Honduras in January to meet with John Paul Jackson and new CMM missionaries, Robert and Amy Coello, about forming prophetic training centers in Central and South America. Pray for wisdom and provision.

Dr. Peter Wyns is readying for his annual Israel trip in late February. Contact the office for more info.

We are very excited about the ministry of Saints Alive joining the CMM family in January. These are relatives of Nate Saint, who was martyred in Ecuador in the 1950's. Their Dad was Phil Saint the great chalk artist. Their grandfather is Lawrence Saint, who did many of the stain glass windows at the National Cathedral in Washing ton, DC. We will be introducing more about them in the weeks ahead along with adding biographical information about their current exciting ministries in Oregon, Guatemala, and Argentina.

Join us in thanking God for all He is doing in carrying on the work of Sidney and Helen Correll, who were mentored by Aimee Semple McPherson. We believe that all the Corrells would be most pleased with the growth and changes in CMM, as the work goes on and thrives in many nations, all for the glory of God. All of our revivalists and missionaries are living by faith, trusting God for establishment of valued relationships, connections, and financial supporters, who truly play a vital part in The Great Commission.

If you would like to support CMM and any of our team click here to go to our Paypal.com and enter the email of officecmm@gmail.com Please mark in the memo line who your gift is for.

Visit www.cmmissions.net We have intercessors waiting to pray for your prayer requests. Email Officecmm@gmail.com or call 704-225-3927.

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November 13, 2006

Hi Christ's Mandate For Missions Supporter,

We are pleased to announce that Together We Can Change the World Publishing, in partnership with Shop For Charity Day has just released a new book, 101 Ways to Support Our Troops.
You'll get 150 pages of 101 creative and unique ideas of how we can support the men & women in every branch of our military, but that is just the beginning of what you will find in these pages. You'll also discover the benefits of being involved in service, how to get involved, and how to promote what you're doing so others will join you. You'll meet other World Changers who are already making a difference in the lives of our troops. You'll hear their stories and understand their struggles and joys. And, you'll join a revolution of people who realize that every time they make the world better for our troops through support and appreciation, they are making the world better for everyone!
As with all the purchases made though the mall stores, Christ's Mandate For Missions will benefit from the sa1e of each book. $5.00 will come back directly to us. This is a beautiful book that we are pleased to make available to you.
To purchase your copy, go to the special TWCCTW Publishing website.or use the store banner to the right
Over the river and thru the wood,
To grandmother's house we go;
The horse knows the way
To carry the sleigh,
Thru the white and drifted snow, oh!
Over the river and thru the wood,
Oh, how the wind does blow!
It stings the toes,
And bites the nose,
As over the ground we go.

Over the river and thru the wood,
To have a first-rate play;
Oh, hear the bell ring,
Hurrah for Thanksgiv ing Day-ay!
Over the river and thru the wood,
Trot fast my dapple gray!
Spring over the ground,
Like a hunting hound!
For this is Thanksgiving Day.
- Lydia Maria Child
Fond memories of Thanksgiving - family, food, parlour games, washing dishes by hand... What are your memories?
As the holidays approach, use the Christ's Mandate For Missions mall for all your shopping needs. Not only are there 1,000+ stores to choose from, but this practical he art warming series of books is available that will make wonderful gifts.
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    Use this link to access the Christ's Mandate For Missions mall.
    Purchase just one gift a month and make a difference to our mission!

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