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CMM Hyderabad, India Medical Team Visit Update
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India Update
November 5, 2006
KCUCS World Missions
India 06 Team
The KCUCS World Missions team arrived Hyderabad, India on Saturday morning approximately 2 a.m. After a short sleep, the team took a tour of Hyderabad, seeing a few Mosques, temples and Golconda Fort. If you have never witnessed traffic in Hyderabad, India you may have not seen the craziest, wildest driving. It seems to be an offensive contact sport. We arrived Khammam late last night.
This morning, upon our arrival at the MorningStar Worship Center, we received one of the greatest receptions we have ever received. The brass band fired up as we arrived. They put Leigh’s on each member of the team. We arrived to a parade put on by the village. I think that they received us with such intensity that I have little doubt they will receive much from us. This having little to do with us and much more to do with them and how they have positioned themselves to receive.
First thing we did after the parade was to eat breakfast (we have found that Indian food is some of the best in the world). Shortly following we went into a worship service. They had only a tambourine and bongo drums and clapping of hands, but they rocked the place. It would have been hard not to be moved by such powerful worship.
Our team did the message in church this morning. Following the message, an altar call invitation to receive the Lord was given and 18 people came forward. The number was high enough, respective to the number of people present, that our host was very excited.
We came back for lunch, then started checking and adjusting people. Through Sunday afternoon we probably checked and adjusted between 500 and 1000 people. In the evening a couple from the team went to a small village and hung out in the backyard with a gathering of people. Checked and adjusted them, then gave a message. It was an awesome experience to interact with the people here in such a way.
The Indian people we have been around are a laid back, peaceful people. The culture seems to be interlaced with this laid back attitude. It is amazing that even while driving like crazy people on the highway, there is still a level of civility you would not expect. You hardly ever see one driver upset with another, although driving in India is a contact sport where every other moment you are being cut off and cutting someone off and usually at speeds you wouldn’t think could be safe for such activity.
KCUCS World Missions India 06 update:
November 6, 2006
Today, Monday, we had a very busy day. Our team of 9 doctors split into 3 groups of three. 
The first group stayed at the church and processed about 3000 people throughout the day. Some of these were re-checks from Sunday adjustments. In the usual case, on the mission field, each person will only receive one adjustment. This is determined by the instruments as to whether the adjustment did what it needed to do or whether another correction is necessary to get it seated properly. Because we do not use X-ray on the mission field, there is a possibility we will need to make a second correction to get the head set in its exact seating place over the upper cervical spine. This is accomplished through a simple but effective note taking system developed and careful analysis of instrument readings as well as response of person to the correction. In this manner, the environment is controlled in such a way that we get feedback from the people being seen. In some cases, especially when we are seeing thousands of people in the open air marketplaces or such environments, it is really not feasible for us to get any feedback, except in the case of immediate response. This is okay for where we are at the time, because this type of care is important while on the mission field. However, in a more controlled environment, such as the church we are working in here in India, allows us to check the same person 3 or 4 times through the week. Most will only get one correction, but through this time, we will here from them about their response.
The second and third groups were sent out to schools and villages. These two groups checked and adjusted in the neighborhood of three thousand people throughout the day. It is great to go into schools. The principals and teachers will organize the students in such a way that a classroom at a time will come out. As one is finishing, the next group will come in. To see these children and how they respond to the team is awesome. As you are leaving, they all want to come and tell you their name and just touch you, shake your hand or whatever. You can see they have held us in high esteem. We have not seen but just one or two Caucasian people here. We are pretty far removed from Hyderabad (7th largest city in India with approximately 6.1 million people), so I think there has been much less traffic here by foreigners.
The 2nd and 3rd group also went into small villages, where we were received by the leader of the village (voted in by the people in the village). We would set up the tables on a little sidewalk or place with a covering and go to work. They work so hard to get us in a place with the least amount of dust or the cleanest.
Today we saw some pretty tough things to look at. In an environment such as this, people don’t go to doctors, because there is little to no access. Therefore, whatever people have, you see it. We saw a little boy of about 8 years of age, whose right leg from the knee down was almost entirely eaten away from a snake bite two months previous. It was such a sad looking situation. We should begin hearing testimonies on different cases by tomorrow or the next day. Our prayer is that this little boy will be one of them.
Last night, the whole team went to a small village, setting up the tables outside of a church. We checked and adjusted a couple hundred people and some on the team gave a message to the crowd, but what was the most precious of all was to see the team interact with the people, especially the children. It was such a great time, how could you put in words or a price tag on what these doctors meant to the children and what the children meant to the doctors. All were touched deeply with love.
We have started getting testimonials from people coming through the church clinic and we will begin to post testimonials tomorrow. To all who are praying a fasting for the team, please continue, as we sense we are on the cusp of something big here. We would like to thank all the family and friends of the doctors who made it possible for all to be here. We have a great team of doctors that if one were missing; we would not have the team we need.
On the team:
Mike Anderson, DC - Dallas, Georgia
Henri Dallies, DC – Hendersonville, North Carolina
John Sidney Williams, DC – Atlanta, Georgia
Charles Williamson, DC – Australia
Cameron Staggerd, DC – Australia
Darin GoForth, DC – New Mexico
Jeremy Loney, DC – Kentucky
Will Soriano, DC (student) – Life University
Robert Kessinger, DC – Cape Girardeau, MO
Blessings to ALL!
Dr. K

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