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Announcing CMM's New Online Photo Album!! Take a Global Tour Online!!
Jorge Parrott and Staff Volunteers
Dec 15, 2006

Greetings Children of the Living God, Untitled Document

Announcing CMM's New Online Photo Album!

Dear Jorge,
May All Spiritual Blessings and Joy Abound To You And Yours!

Be sureWe finally have a wonderful online photo album at: CMM_Photos Please take a tour around the world and see what God is doing with CMM, your mission connection.

Be sure to visit the Philippines album and see the work going on now with the difficult task of placing a new septic tank under a 3 foot wide sidewalk, adjacent to the church in Laoag City. The building lots are very narrow there and your CMM friends there had no choice but to creatively design a new septic system on their very narrow lot. The pastors all pitched in hand digging up to 11 feet deep once the sidewalk was broken up, all by hand. The dirt was placed in wooden crates and carried down the street almost one block by hand and on foot.

Just as in the old days in America, men would gather to raise a barn, your CMMP pastors all were expected to lend many hands.

This has put a heavy burden on the finances of the group there. Pray about assisting them financially during this time. A little goes a long way there. If all of our people here gave just a few dollars we could bless them iin a special w ay, especially at this time of year. Pastors need support at $35.00 a month. A new Church is only $6,500.00

We ask you to pray about a special year end gift for CMM. Stocks, bonds, insurance, trust funds, cars, boats, etc. are allowable donations to CMM. Your sacrificial giving is multiplied and you share in the tremendous blessings. Did you know that CMM has sent 90% of all funds received to minister God's love? We need your help to run a "lean missions machine." Phil 4:17

Please help us get the word out by forwarding this to your friends and family. Invite them to subscribe to InJesus. Be sure to add this email to your address book and place CMM on your "white list or accepted" email list so you don't miss any of your updates.

Bookmark the CMM photo album site, so you can frequently go and see photos from the field. CMM_Photos We are believing to feed thousands of children in many nations this month for $6.00 a child. This Feeding Festival will be followed up by CMM missionaries visiting many homes and sharing God's love. You can donate online at Paypal.com and enter our email, officecmm@gmail.com and make a secure donation in just minutes, or send your gift to the address below.

CMM Missionaries, Intercessors, Board, Office Staff And Volunteers
Christ's Mandate For Missions
voice: 704-225-3927


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