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Hi Robert and Amy,

Great report! Thanks. Praise God. I had a couple of Jehovah's witnesses come to our house a couple of weeks back and I was asking them a lot of questions, like what about miracles. They said they stopped in the first century. I said, "show me". They pointed to 1Cor 13, can you believe that? I shared that if they did a word study they would not find a reference to the first century in that chapter about miracles stopping. I asked them about the thief on the cross at crucifixion, they said, no, he is not in heaven. I asked them about if non-Jehovah Witnesses will be in Heaven, and after much verbal dancing, one of them said no.

I shared something like "why would God limit His love?" Why would He talk so much about grace and the new covenant to limit heaven to 144000 JW?

My wife and I prayed for them to have a love invasion, a Holy Spirit meltdown, a God encounter and we shared about all the miracles we have seen and that no one can take that away from us. We prayed love and tenderness on them and invited them to come back, although we did not feel led to let them come inside.

Believers and non-believers need to see and hear about the Love that transforms lives.


robert coello <soulscount@gmail.com> wrote:
Ola Hermanos,

Let me begin by telling you what "Sanidad y Poder", means. It literally translates to "Healing and Power", which is the name of one of the ministries under our Fuego Interno or Inner Fire Ministries umbrella, if you will. This team is dedicated to praying for the sick. On Thursdays we go to a local hospital, San Felipe where we have been so welcomed and have been witnessing the power of God very mightily. There are many reports I could share with you but there is one in particular that is really awesome.

Five weeks ago we arrived at the hospital. A group of five of us went in to one of the men's wings and began praying and that is when we first came into contact with Andres.
Andres is a middle aged man that appeared to be so full of grief and worry and as we began talking with him we soon learned why.
He told us that he had developed dome type of infection in his upper left arm that had now advanced so severely that the only thing left to do was to amputate his arm from near the shoulder. At first glance it appeared that he had a cabbage ball tightly wrapped around his arm due to the swelling and his fingers and arm was so swollen that I literally thought that his arm would explode!

We asked for permission to pray for him and he agreed. As we placed oil on him and prayed for him tears rolled down his face and we were all very moved by the fear and anxiety that permeated through this humble man. He lives in a village that I can't even pronounce far away near the Honduras/Nicaraguan border. He shared with us afterwards that his brother was there him and we parted and assured him that God was in control. We waved goodbye and we looked so forward to coming back and seeing him healed.
He was sure that as the Doctors told him he would lose his arm.

The following week we returned and when we went to his room he was gone. We were very sad momentarily until the nurse in charge told us that he was outside. We hurriedly went to look for him. There he was just a few meters away, a clean shave and with an entirely different appearance. as we approached him he began to smile. The swelling had gone markedly but the Doctors had not change their mind and scheduled his surgery for the following Monday. We again prayed for him and I sensed the authority and liberty to tell him that he would not lose his arm which was subsequent to seeing him riding a horse in a vision and holding the reigns with two strong arms. We left that day very confident that Andres would not lose his arm. The great thing is that his faith had increased also.

We were not able to go back the next two weeks for different reasons but in our Friday night Harp and Bowl meetings we write down the names of the sick and pray fervently for them. Pastor Santos then tells me a few days ago that he was watching a preacher on television and he heard the man say "there is a man named Andres who is being healed of a terrible infection in his left arm". Santos immediately grabbed a hold of those words and believed that the evangelist was truly referring to "our" Andres.

Yesterday Dec 7, 2006 we went to the hospital for our regular visit. We all wondered of Andres would still be there. As we arrived near the men's area we were elated to see that he was indeed still there! We walked over toward him and and with his arm in a sling he moved it back and forth and smiled real big! He told us that he was healed!
We asked him to share with us what happened.

"When you guys left the last Thursday that you were here the Doctor told me that Monday my arm would be amputated. The next day, Friday I went to get up and my arm was hemorrhaging and I passed out. Unbeknown st to me I was taken to emergency surgery. When I awoke I was told that mt surgery went well and as you can see I still have my arm!"

Andres only knows that when the doctors went to work on his arm something had changed and they came to the conclusion that his arm was showing significant signs of healing and that amputation was no longer necessary. Lets just say that joy level around his bed was cataclysmic. We prayed again with him giving thanks to God for healing Andres as we watched crocodile tears of joy and gratitude roll down his cheeks.

Say NO to the dispensationalists, say NO to the nay sayers, say No to those that believe that God doesn't heal today and go in your room and listen to "I Dare you to Move", by Switchfoot. God does heal in Africa, China, New Zealand, the Ninth ward, Chicago, LA, Puerto Rico and he is alive and well at San Felipe Hospital here in this third world country of Honduras.

We don't know when God will heal, we just believe that He has asked us to go and pray for the sick. we leave everything else to him. We are so so so grateful that every now and then He comes in like a flood and we get to experience the "then suddenly' power of our loving God.

Keep paddeling folks and doing all that He has asked of you and enjoy this wonderful journey co-operating with Him in advancing His Kingdom.


Souls Count \o/
Robert & Amy Coello
Inner Fire Ministries
Iglesia El Puente, Honduras


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