Merry Christmas from CMM--Your Missions Connection

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

May All Spiritual Blessings and Joy Abound To You And Yours!

We thank God for each and every one of our dear CMM friends and partners. Your prayers and financial investment in CMM is reaching the world like never before with the love of God.

From our fruitful and proven missionaries in many lands who daily are on the front lines in the battle to share the Love, Peace, and Joy that comes from knowing God we convey their warm gratitude to you. Our passionate missionaries have seen God move in amazing ways and they invite you to come and visit and take part in The Great Commission. The workers and warriors of CMM have had an incredible year raising up native leaders in the pursuit for real global and eternal change. Seeking justice and mercy, bringing transformation to many individuals, communities, and nations, we all say thank you.

We have teams just back this month from India, (seeing 25,000 with medical care), Philippines, and China. Let CMM help you plan your next missions adventure. CMM has trained, ordained and released 30 pastors in the US in 2006. CMM connects destinies in many nations. CMM's precious missionaries and revivalists have a desire to equip, release, and join in strategic partnerships. Join us on a life changing adventure in God. We ask you to pray about giving special year end gifts to help us maintain and grow the precious vision that God has brought us. From long term friends and missionaries of Sidney and Helen Correll, to the new nations that are part of a growing CMM network. We are believing to feed thousands of children in many nations this month for $6.00 a child. This Feeding Festival will be followed up by CMM missionaries visiting many homes and sharing God's love. You can donate online at and enter our email, and make a secure donation in just minutes, or send your gift to the address below.

CMM Missionaries, Intercessors, Board, Office Staff And Volunteers
Christ's Mandate For Missions
voice: 704-225-3927

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