Trip info to Fuga Island, Philippines April 21st to May 3rd

Hey guys,
the Fuga island Philippines trip is lining up well.  We have several committed to going already. I will be in the Philippines early January and will do some advance set-up.
The plan right now is to do evangelical services, bring in medicines, bring in eyeglasses and/or eye care, possible repair of damaged church, feed the folks, prayer ministry, etc.  We will probably visit at least 3 of the islands 6 villages.  If we have a large enough team it may be possible to hit them all.
Total cost for trip is $2300.00.  This covers all flights in and out of country, bus and boat travel and all food/lodging in the Philippines.  You will want your own money for souveneirs, airport food, etc.  I need all money in by February 20th.  We can take as many as want to go on this trip so if you know any others who want to go forward this to them.  Checks should be made out to Christ's Mandate for Missions.  Mail checks to me at my home address:
Todd Atkins
5266 Lakeland Drive Roanoke, VA 24018
I will collect all the checks and send them to Christ's Mandate for Missions in a packet together.
Local training (required) will be provided prior to trip in Roanoke, VA.  For those out of town we can do this via internet and/or phone.  If folks want any help or suggestions rearding support raising let me know.
Here are our dates:  April 21st - May 3rd (13 days total)
We will land in Manila on the 22nd, spend the night, then fly to N. phil on the 23rd.  We will leave N. Philippines on May 2nd, spend the night in Manila and fly home May 3rd-- and get home May 3rd.
This should be a great trip and I am real excited about it.

Contact:Todd Shelley Atkins <>,

Jorge Parrott
Photos: www://


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