Africa Pierced The Heart Of God and Upcoming Trips Of Todd Atkins' Teams

Africa Pierced The Heart Of God and Upcoming Trips Of Todd Atkins' Teams
Jorge Parrott and CMM volunteers
Jan 25, 2008

Greetings Friend,

May you walk in the fullness God intended from before the foundation of the world. We pray you draw closer to the Lord each day and that 2008 will be your breakthrough year for experiencing more of God than ever before.

Rob and Emily Krause are new missionaries with CMM. They met on a mission trip in China. Rob spent has spent a lot of time in Uganda, Congo, and Sudan. Emily has been to India and China. They leave March 20th for Africa. They covet your prayers and we ask you pray for Emily's 98 year old grandmother taken to the hospital today.

They are in their mid 20's and are part of the rising generation sold out to God and willing to do whatever the Lord asks. Rob has told me he has seen men and women and children who have been mutilated by barbaric anti-Christian warriors in Africa. He has seen women who have been raped and mutilated for no reason other than that they were Christians.

Heidi Baker in Mozambique asks all her pastors to adopt ten children each who have lost parents to starvation, AIDS, and war. Lance Wallnau reports that in Uganda, where Kingdom principles have been taught and been assimilated and the AIDS rate has dropped from 65% to 5%. CMM is called to help release Kingdom love, principles, and power in many nations. We need your help and partnership.

Rob and Emily will be meeting with some of the many pastors and leaders in Africa who have requested literature, discipleship materials, and leadership training from CMM. We have a vision to reach many churches in Ghana, Congo, Uganda, Nigeria, and Malawi. We have over 750 pastors waiting to meet with Rob and Emily and we need funds to help pay for transportation, food, and lodging, in those nations. Praise God, their tickets from the US to Africa and back are paid for. Will you pray about partnering with CMM to reach Africa and establish these seminars and conferences?

Read below Rob's amazing account of his experiences in Africa.

Read also Todd Atkins New Year Greeting and trip updates. We are so thankful for the all the CMM missionaries and revivalists. God is attracting many very gifted, very committed, and very passionate disciples of God to CMM. We are so honored to work with all of them. Please keep all CMM missionaries and revivalists, here and abroad in your prayers. They are on the frontlines, willing to lay down their lives for the cause of Christ. More and more souls are being liberated from bondage and sin and coming to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ each day than ever before. We are in the midst of an unstoppable waves of glory and revival that looks pretty messy most of the time. We have to sharpen our focus, like eagles' eyes, to see what God is doing. Keep your mind and heart on what God is doing, not what He is not doing!

Just a few announcements:

February 15th at 7pm at Activate Church in Charlotte Gary Brooks will be speaking. Visit Gary's site.

March 9th, at 9am Kamran Yaraei, a former Shiite Muslim will be sharing his remarkable conversion experience. Read and watch about many Muslims proclaiming Jesus at this amazing website:

Look down the list to find Kamran's.

April 24-26 Danny Steyne with MOW, Mountain of Worship will be leading "These Shall Walk on Water" Conference at Activate Church Visit Danny's MOW site at:

If you are in or near Charlotte stop in and worship and pray with us.

Jorge and Anna are going with a team of 6 (or more) to Spain March 26th to visit the churches in Oveido and Gijon founded by dear friends Ruben and Mado Fernandez. Teams are forming for Central and South America and the Caribbean and Asia and Africa now. Call the office at 704-225-3927 or email at to help your church plan your next adventure in God. CMM PO 7705 Charlotte, NC 28241. You can send money online at and click on send money and enter

You share in the blessings of sending the LIGHT to the nations. Send the LIGHT! Many tell us they love the firsthand reports from live eyewitnesses in the Vineyards of the Lord. You share in the blessings of sending your CMM LIGHT teams to the nations. Join us, and if you can't go, we have teams ready and waiting to go and give you firsthand, live eyewitness reports of what God is doing.


From Rob Krause,

Daily there are stories on the news of countless thousands of people dying in Africa due to lack of food, water or medication. Millions more suffer without a voice from war, poverty, and other horrific situations. My wife and I have felt a burden for Africa and have also seen great hope in the people. During the forty days we have planned to spend in Africa we hope to visit several different regions of Africa. Our vision is to get an idea of the situation of the church and work of God in these regions to best support and encourage the local leaders. We believe that God is raising up leaders in Africa that can travel to other regions of Africa and make an impact far greater than any previous missionaries.

Uganda has been divided by tribalism, wars and a dictator for the past 40+ years. Malawi has also suffered at the hands of outsiders who have come in and taken the people as slaves. By mid-1995 Mozambique was still seeing the effects of a long standing civil war that has caused unrest for several decades. Ghana, a country a little smaller than Colorado has more than 100 languages. Christian leaders are hungry for support and guidance in this small but very influential country. DR Congo has made headlines as being the place for the largest United Nations Peacekeeping ground troop operation in the world and Sudan is even worse off.

Hopelessness and despair are two very real emotions that are felt while in Africa. But you can also sense great strength and courage in the people of God all over Africa as well. The faith and trust these people have in their God is amazing as He is all they have to hold to when there is no food to feed their children. A study was once done on Africa measuring the depth of Christianity, the results found that Christianity was a mile wide but only an inch deep. There is a dire need for discipleship and counseling of leaders all over Africa. Our hope is to stand with the leaders of Churches and fellowships in Africa and listen to their visions for their people and country and seek God's wisdom on how we can move forward together.

I believe the answer to the problem of AIDs, poverty, and war does not lie outside the boundaries of Africa and its countries but inside the people of God that reside in this continent. Far too long these people have resided in darkness and its powers and with Jesus Christ we hope to empower these people to make a difference in their home and in other neighboring nations. This adventure in Africa is meant to help set up future endeavors into these regions of Africa and hopefully create launching platforms for reaching into other harder to reach areas with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


By Todd Atkins

Hello all,

We are excited about the New Year. Below is a summary of things, trips and a photo link to see a slideshow if you wish.:

1. This year JesusTrips will be able to give partial financial support to 4 Filipinos and 4 Indians in ministry--all leaders in the poverty level. We hope to add others as time goes by.

2. There is still time to go to the Ukraine in April for ministry and passover celebration. Cost is $1600 and deadline for sign up and funds is March 1

3. Our third exciting Fuga trip in the Philippines is coming. Dates May 6-20. Cost is $2500 and deadline for sign up and funds is April 1.

4. Kaitlyn will return with our team on May 20th. She will go to college in August. She has been accepted to George Mason but hopes to get accepted and go to Wheaton as her first choice. She wants to go into Missions.

5. We need teachers and high school youth, college, and other adults to go to China. Tentative dates are July 19-Aug 3rd.

6. See family and mission photos via slideshow or individual picture at

7. Read Kaitlyn's blog entries at

8. Read Todd blog entries at

9. Recommended Books: Real Christianity by William Wilberforce, Simply Christian by N.T. Wright, Paradise Lost by John Milton, Charlie Wilson's War by George Crile, The Shack by William P. Young, The Cross by John Stott, Good News About Injustice by Gary Haugen

10. Website of the Month:


Come with us to the Harvest

Ukraine: April 16-27

Fuga Island Philippines May 6-20

China July 2008

India Nov/Dec 2008

In Christ Jesus,

Todd Atkins ( )


C/O Christ's Mandate For Missions

PO Box 7705

Charlotte, NC 28241

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