The Father's Heart Released In Nicaragua by Earl Thurner

I am completely stunned by what I have seen in the first 3 days in Nicaragua! I just laughed and wept and worshipped last night, just so grateful that I could actually be a part of what happened. I could without exaggeration type pages of what has already happened and I have 2 weeks to go!
The Maui Supernatural School of Ministry birthed the Dario Supernatural School of Ministry hosted by Pastor Harry Dios on Saturday morning after his church experienced an incredible visitation of God Friday night. That is another story. I love this brother. He was ironing a shirt and talking to me yesterday and while sharing just looked at me and said,´¨¨I just want to know Him¨¨
Within 30 seconds the presence of God overtook both of us and we were bathed in the awesome touch of heavens amen, and he just stood there slumped over the ironing board weeping convulsively for the next 20 minutes.
We felt to start the school with his leadership and there were 23 students, 2 from other churches, and there were 6 from 16-20 years of age, 10 from 21-30 years of age, and the rest over 30. His entire leadership is in the school, my interpreter was his youth pastor(24). His worship leader is 28. Harry is 29. It is so different when the senior pastor is all in for get one.
In the morning I taught, in the afternoon the heavens opened and there was a pastor visiting from another church we are giving $2,000.00 or more to build a building for. As God descended, God invaded this man and he shook like a leaf and testified later of never having God come into him like that. He came back with church members Saturday night and they were overwhelmed by God.
After hours of encounters with God, I shared about Habakkuk 3 verse 4 about the power in God´s hands and how they are instruments to release the kingdom of God and said from this day on miracles will flow through your hands. A woman who was probably 7 months pregnant got up and said that she felt coals of fire in each hand burning back and forth. She fell out under the power of God. We picked her up and said you will pray for the whole school starting with me and release what God has done in you. We had 2 women hold her up and she prayed for all of us. The pastors father was hit by the lightnings of heaven and testified of being infused with incredible love and strength. Everyone experienced the reality of the kingdom and that night they testified and we stood with our mouths open as they testified on open visions, encounters with God, how the kingdom of God came to them and has come today to Nicaragua. A 17 year old boy was under prophetic power and gave an open vision for Central and South America of the flames of revival and other things. These students, men and especially the women began preaching with fire that shook you and the whole congregation erupted in hunger and one by one they shared what had happened to them and the anointing was tangible imparted.
Then I just turned the school loose on the congregation. A man who was in a horrific automobile accident and his legs were not working, was struck by God when a student prayed and testified, jumping up and down of being completely healed. A woman with a growth on her back felt fire that area when a student prayed and when she testified she still felt the fire. I said where is the growth, and it was gone. A woman who had stomach disease and pain throughout her body and even her face, was prayed for by the students and got up, her whole face lightened with joy, completely healed.
These are not typical, healing lines. It is RAW outburst of passionate hunger and crying out to God and God descending all over, people falling under His presence, prostrate in worship, weeping as they actually felt God embrace them and heal them, physically and emotionally. Demons were just flying out of people as the students declared the kingdom of heaven has come upon you.
This is the first day, and nearly all these students had never done this in their lives. The testimony of a hardened war veteran who grabbed the mike and said tonight I must make my peace with God, I do not know what tomorrow brings. I have done many bad things and want to be a better husband and father. Harry and I led him to the Lord. Guess who he was? The father of the boy who prophesied and the husband of the woman with the growth on her back.
There is so much more. A pastor from another village came to Friday night service and was visited by God so profoundly that his cry for revival just moved you. He wanted me to come to his village church yesterday. I took about 13 of the students. The service was form without power, program without presence and structured like most without life but the pastor was the guy who got visited. I asked him if one of my students could play before I spoke. You had to be there to really comprehend what took place. He got up on the keyboard and began to play and within 30 seconds, I kid you not, from deep within everyone, and I mean everyone, of all ages, God awakened the cry for Him and the entire place erupted in a passionate yearning for God. The pastor broke, we all broke and heaven came down, like an avalanche of glory. He just kept playing and playing and God swept through the place. I got up, declared that Jesus said, Change the way you think, the Kingdom of God is here and now and said the kingdom of God is coming upon you now and called the people up and turned the students loose. These people were not touched, they were enveloped by presence and power. For over an hour the students prayed, people overcome by God, young and old. Glory everywhere, worship everywhere, miracles everywhere.
One old woman in her 70s got up and said, I am telling you the truth. I have been in so much pain, evem my little toe was in pain, every part of me was in pain, and I am completely pain free. A student prayed for her. Another man, had cancer in his shoulders and his arm was locked at the shoulder and he could not lift it and was in excruciating pain. a student prayed for him and he was completely healed, and had no pain and was just moving his should around and around. A young woman was holding her throat in the back weeping and in obvious pain and I went to her and brought the interpreter, a student. She had problems in her throat and the pain was now in her face and she was afraid but desperate to stay until God helped her. I laid hands on her throat, declared it does not exist in heaven, it will not exist in her body. She fell out under His power, was there for awhile and got up, took the mike and declared she was completely healed. I saw a woman in the back and wondered why she did not come up and found out she had a problem with her body and had no strength to walk on her legs.
I told my interpreter to get one of the woman students and a lady probably 40 came over and she was afraid to pray for people and lay hands on them she testifed last night. Anyway I told her to put her hand on the womans back and found out last night what actually took place for her. She immediately saw a vision of the ladys spine and an area where there was a problem. She then put her hand there and saw fire come into that area and many, many people testify of the fire of God coming into them with different testimonies of what the Lord did. Anyway, I did not know any of this the, I just prayed also, and told the woman to get up and walk. She stared at me and I repeated it and took her hand and she got up and began to walk but her little daughter was terrified so she had to sit back down. Later when I spoke about the Fathers embrace after a young man got up and testified of being saved when God came upon him and said I need to make it right with someone, an amazing thing happened. Not only did he go to that person, they hugged and after a minute or two just collapsed weeping. I called for all who had been hurt by others and who needed to make things right to come up and God would literally embrace them now like the Father did the son in the Bible. They did the women students hugged the women and the men the men and another outpouring took place and more testimonies of healing etc. BUT I also asked for the lost and backslidden to come and THE WOMAN who walked a few steps got up and walked boldly to the front, got saved, and got up after being touched by His love and walked back to her seat! Don´t you love it!
Just a sampling that took place, truly. One more story. Oh yeah, I want to thank the 3 or 4 of you that responded to my email the other day and released some funds. Also, if you are one of the Maui Supernatural School students, we did give the $1,000.00 raised to the Dario School, purchased all the equipment for classes and have pictures of all of that. By the way, the pastor of the village church will be coming to the school with other church members. We know this will happen and God is helping Harry and I set up the school and take the students throughout the region preaching and demonstrating the gospel of the kingdom. This is truly a worthy endeavor and a privilege to sow into.
One more story. Last night was another night of power but an interesting thing was that there was a young woman there, so dark and depressed and did not respond at all to prayer. I noticed her later in the evening, with a little girl and another woman with a tormented look just trying to hug her and weeping over her as the young woman sat there expression less. Finally I took a student and went over and started talking to them until God gave me some words of knowledge which I released and the older woman was the mother of both the young lady and child. I actually was given an offering from the morning service, 550 cordobas, which is about maybe $28.00 and suddenly I just asked the mother, are you in financial need? She simply said yes. I just gave her my offering and I always am releasing funds here all the time but a strange thing happened. Suddenly, there was a shift in the atmosphere and I noticed the mothers face was just completely changed, peace and rest and something had liftet off of her. This was just more than just a normal response to a monetary gift. I said, something happened to you, did you feel it and she said yes and then I turned to the daughter, and said it happened to you also, AND her whole face lit up in a smile, she had been delivered somehow in that moment!! WOW! We all saw it. It is amazing how a response in the money realm can release such power, just 28 bucks for a transformed family.
I noticed that the mother´s voice was very low, almost a whisper and she said she had a throat problem and lost her voice. I told her the TESTIMONY of the lady in the morning and her throat problem, prayed for her and her voice came back.
So tonight I am going with the students to another church and tomorrow on horseback with some of the school to 2 unsaved villages. Would appreciate your prayers and join the others who are making a difference financially, a huge difference so I can love more.....blessings to all of you from Nicaragua! earl
For those of you that might feel I write too long, no apologies. I will blast the testimony of the good news of God, we need more of it and I tell them in the world of what God does everywhere I go.....He is worthy!!

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