Hear The Passion Of An Ex-Muslim For Christ And His Church

Dear Precious Saint of God,

The time of great harvest is here!

Romans 14:10-12 (King James Version)

10But why dost thou judge thy brother? or why dost thou set at nought thy brother? for we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ.

11For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.

12So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God.

Do you believe that we are in a time of great harvest? More people are being saved everyday than ever before. Yet, we really can see clearly that as sin abounds, grace does abound more.

Please pray for CMM teams and friends out in the fields now in: Mexico, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, China.

We are seeing and hearing of more signs and wonders even in the US as the hunger for God increases during these times of peril. The word of the Lord is going forth here in the US and in many nations. We thank God for our faithful CMM missionaries serving in many nations. We thank God for our faithful prayer partners and intercessors and financial partners. There is much to be done and we can not do it without you. Last year 91.5% of all funds given to CMM went directly to ministry. CMM is blessed to have donated office space from Pastor Tom Becotte, with Iglesia Amanecer, in Charlotte, NC. We invite you to come by and visit when you are near.

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CMM is blessed to help many churches plan a successful and fruitful mission adventure, for youth, drama, medical, building, teaching, preaching, pastors' conferences, etc. Please call CMM to arrange your next overseas trips.

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Kamran Yaraei

CMM is pleased to introduce Kamran Yaraei, a former Shiite Muslim, now a strong believer, disciple, and follower of Jesus Christ. Kamran is a very sincere, humble man of God. All who hear his testimony are deeply moved to draw closer to Jesus, our savior, deliverer, and our healer. If you would like to have Kamran come to speak in your church, group, or cell group, please contact the CMM office at 704-225-3927 or email officecmm@gmail.com

Kamran's website is: www.projectcallout.org

Below is from Kamran's brochure.

We are sending this letter to
your church in obedience to
God’s guidance. We have a message
we feel needs to be released
in the body of Christ
through all denominations and
It is a timely message of miracles,
faith, an passion through
the testimony of a recent convert
to Christianity from a Shiite


Kamran Yaraei is an Ex Shiite Muslim
who had an encounter with The love
of God through His Son, Jesus Christ.
Kamran travels extensively all over
the world and shares how Christ
changed his life. He speaks in all
types of churches, conferences, and
meetings including colleges, such as
Harvard University in Boston, MA.
To view video of a short version of
Kamran’s testimony go to:
(Once on the home page Click Previous
testimony #7 Kamran Yaraei).

If you are interested in having Kamran
share his testimony at your local
church fellowship, meeting or college,
please e-mail Kamran at:


Passion of an
EX Muslim for
Christ and His
Kamran’s preaching style is mostly spontaneous
and from his heart. Here are some
reoccurring themes he touches on:
• His conversion testimony
• Replacing the fear of Muslims in
people’s heart with the love of God
for them.
• Helping the church to understand
the heart and mind of a Muslim
• Helping to bring extreme passion
into the body of Christ and perhaps
re-kindle the first love experience.
• Fresh teachings he receives from his
walk with the Lord.


My name is Kamran Yaraei.
I was born in Northern Iran, At age
14, I began searching for a god I could
have a relationship with. I became an
avid seeker of Allah through the
Shiite Muslim religious practices. My
pursuit of a true relationship with
Allah left me angry and disappointed
in a god with whom I could not have
a relationship.
When I was 29 with a broken heart
over my pursuit of God I decided to
leave Allah and Iran behind and try to
get to the United States. I wanted a
fresh start and sought to obtain a visa
which I received miraculously.
Being frustrated with religion as I
knew it, I focused my attentions on
trying to become an actor and model
in the United States. After three years
I ended up in an acting class led by a
good Christian woman.
After several different conversations
about the love of god, a roommate of
my teacher asked me if I would like
to say the sinner’s prayer with her to
accept Jesus as my personal savior.
Finally one day I said that I would
like to pray to Jesus, but in my own
way, and in my own language. My
prayer was spontaneous and from my
heart. This is what I said.
“Jesus, I do not believe You are the
Son of God, but if You are, I invite
You to come into my heart. I do not
believe Your blood has any power to
forgive my sin, but if there is any
forgiveness through Your blood, I
accept it. Jesus, if You can build a
relationship between God who
created the whole world and my
heart, then, of course, I give You full
permission to do anything You want
with my life and my heart.”
After praying my own salvation
prayer, I turned to Allah and said,
“Forgive me if I did anything wrong
by praying this prayer. If Jesus is not
your son, then stop Him from coming
to me. After that prayer it was up to
Jesus and Allah to claim me, and
Jesus won the case.
I went to several church meetings
after this where I felt the presence of
God and received much needed prayer.
During these meetings I was touched
by the love of God in a powerful and
tangible way that I could not deny.
After many years of yearning to have
relationship with Almighty God on
January 21st 2000 Jesus gave me
the desire of my heart.
Now I want to prepare the way for
The Lord as John the baptist did.
we all have a part to play to prepare
His way. My personal prayer for
salvation has led many Muslims
including my family members to the
Lord Jesus Christ and into the love of
our true Father in Heaven.
may we all join together to be a
bridge between The Lord and the
people of this world.

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