Urgent Prayer Alert From Bolivia-Special Election May 4th

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Urgent Prayer Alert From Bolivia-Special Election May 4th
Jaime Torrico Family in Bolivia
May 3, 2008

Editor's Note:  Please pray for the Torricos  in Bolivia. They are in country ravaged by poverty, unemployment, political unrest, and much turmoil. Food prices have gone up nearly 300% this year! This week the President seized a large phone company and some of the major gas companies from foreign ownership.  The love of God can not be stifled or shut down though and the native Christians need your prayers. The will go on. It must go on.

The Torricos have been very busy even as some churches are left empty of leadership and needing a shepherd to watch over the spiritual lives of many abandoned.

A special election is being held May 4th.

As God leads send in a special gift for the Torricos to CMM PO 7705 Charlotte, NC 28241 or donate online at www.cmmissions.net/htm

CMM's vision is to raise up and equip native pastors who are best suited to reach their own people, drinking the water, speaking the language, stratetically placed by God to reach their own people. During this time of rapid inflation, political uncertainty, and increasing unrest, CMM is on the ground, ready to deliver disaster relief, emergency relief, and most of all, the love of God, through our faithful and proven missionaries in many nations.

Pray for Bolivia


CMM volunteer staff


                                 Update from Bolivia

Dear family and co-workers in the vineyard of the Lord:

First receive the love and greetings of each one of the Torrico's.

It's been a while since our last newsletter, but it is not because we have stopped to work or for negligence, on the contrary we continue with regular activities, and maybe as busy as always.

We have been visiting churches and youth groups, especially in the towns of Cliza, Tarata and San Isidro; giving Bible studies, doing evangelism with Christian films, encouraging and training the believers and preaching in youth and family camps.

We also have started to visit 2 new places, one is a church that needs a lot of our prayers and work, because it's been reduced to just 3 families due to the Exodus of Bolivians to find jobs overseas, and the other is an attempt to plant a church in a town called Santa Lucia. We already have like 40 people meeting weekly on Tuesday evenings. So please pray for all this places, they are mostly Quechua speaking areas.

The main reason for this short letter is to ask your prayers for our families and especially for our country. As many of you know, our country has now a socialist government, and they are pushing their ways upon Bolivians, sometimes illegally. Recently they have approved a new constitution for Bolivia but in their common style, by force. As a result many States of Bolivia are trying to use the only other option they have which is the autonomy, to be more or less like a State in US where they rule over many of their resources. This May the 4th, Santa Cruz, one of our states is going to do a referendum for their autonomy bylaws. Our request is for you to pray that we won't have a revolution or a civil war, the government is not happy with this behavior and has threaten to bring Venezuelan militaries and sadly a group of terrorists called the "Red Ponchos" to stop this referendum, the police won't be on duty that day, so that shows that the government doesn't have good intentions.

We already have a serious economic crisis due to the floods of the beginning of the year and we have a huge rise (approximately 300% according to the stats) in the prices of food, which makes a lot of people unhappy. We pray for peace in our country and that the Lord will keep the freedom to spread the Gospel in Bolivia. So please join us in this prayer request.

Receive our gratitude and love,

Yours in Christ,

For all the Torrico's, Jaime Jr.

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