CMM Ministry School Open House Updates--Global Availability Of Classes In English, Spanish, and French-Register Early


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CMM Ministry School Open House Updates--Global Availability Of Classes In English, Spanish, and French-Register Early
CMM Staff Volunteers
Jun 27, 2008

Hello Students of the Living Word,

CMM has been working for years to be able to offer quality Bible education to our missionaries, worldwide family and friends. We believe the Lord desires us to walk in His fullness and to do so we must be grounded in the sound, solid, foundation of His Word. In partnership with the North Carolina College of Theology, we are now an official satellite extension school, based in Charlotte, NC.

Visit the school website at:

Now, we are ready. We are pleased to announce that classes are now forming for the September 13th beginning of classes.

You can visit the school site at: and download a brochure and application. Our open houses are listed below. If you are not able to attend classes in Charlotte, you can attend The College by correspondence.

Credits may be available for ministry and life experience.

God's army must be trained well. The love and power of the Lord is ours. He has commissioned us to take His love and purposes to the nations. If we are to take the nations for our inheritance, we better know what to do with them. God is a military God. He will come back in military fashion. His troops must be prepared, honed in battles, and ready to march in lock step formation as parts of His body.

The basics are of utmost importance. We must be strong in the basics to be strong for the battles to come. Vince Lombardi, one of the great coaches of all time in the NFL, told his professional players at the start of every season, "This is a football."  Jesus exhorts us to "Remember our first love."  "In the beginning was the Word...." Oh, we could go on and on about the importance of foundational Word strength. That is what CMMNCCT is all about.

We invite you to join the new CMMNCCT Ministry School news list at:

by sending an email to:

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We pray you are blessed and "enjoying the ride".  The Apostle Paul said we are to rejoice, even when we face trials and tribulations and we do have so much to be thankful for in this hour. We are overcomers by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.

We had 13 graduates from Charlotte in the CMMNCCT School this past June 6th in Wilmington with a total of 828 graduating. It was truly a celebration in the Lord.

Classes are available in English, Spanish, French, around the world, and in the classroom in Charlotte. Classes start September 13, 2008. Online classes are in development.

Our open houses are Saturdays 10 am to 12pm July 12 August 23rd in Charlotte.

You can view photos of the recent graduation at:

Also, take a look at our updated website at:

Please write me at if you have any questions at all.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Growing strong in the Word with you,

Dr. Jorge Parrott

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