Greetings Activater, 13 Graduate from CMM-NCCT Ministry School--Launched Out For God's Glory and Sheena Ryan here this Thursday through Saturday at 7p

Greetings Dear One,

God's mercy is amazing! We are so blessed that 100% of the first year
students of NCCT's Satellite School in Charlotte, as part of Dr. Judy
Laidley's Pray Around the Nations, graduated on June 6, 2008. Two
could not attend but all did graduate, praise God.

It was hard work in addition to all of our busy schedules, but I know
all would heartily agree, it was worth all of the effort.

Here are links to the same pictures on the web with two different
locations in case your browser has a problem with one or the other.

Open houses for next September's term, beginning September 13, 2008,
will be held on Saturdays July 12th and August 23rd at Activate Church
and Iglesia Amanecer at 834 Tyvola Rd. Suite 100, Charlotte, NC 28217.
Call 704-517-2557 if you have more questions.

Visit the school website at:

Remember, this week, we have Sheena Ryan, from Australia here Thursday
through Saturday at 7pm. The Conference is called "Preparation of the
Warrior". Please help us get the word out.

Jorge and Anna Marie

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